Top 11 Best Visiting place in bihar that attract visitors

 There are many Visiting place in bihar that attract people all over the world . In this blog you will know how much Natural and attractive visiting place in Bihar that put Bihar on the top of the list of tourist attractions.

Visiting place in Bihar

Best visiting place in Bihar that blow your mind

Why it is known as Bihar ?

Bihar word is derived as a name vihara(Sanskrit and pali word)(devnagari: विहार )  means “abode”. “(निवास)”

In ancient and medieval time, Bihar was the abode of many Buddhist monk. Bihar is a birthplace of two religions:- (i) Buddhism and (ii) Jainism.

Visiting place in bihar

In ancient time, Rajgrih was the capital of  Magadh, Now it is known as Rajgir.  Now,  Patna is the capital of Bihar. It was founded in 490 BCE by King of Magadh. The most popular old name of Patna is Patliputra. Some places in Patna till date named after Patliputra like Patliputra junction.It was the capital of madagh Empire throughout the Haryanka, Nanda, Mauryan, Shunga Gupta and pala dynasties.

11 Best Beautiful visiting place in bihar

There are many famous place in Bihar:-

(1) Mahabodhi Temple:-UNESCO world heritage site

Our journey starts at Bodh Gaya, one of the holiest cities for Buddhists, at the Mahabodhi Temple. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Mahabodhi Temple symbolizes the location where Lord Buddha is believed to have acquired enlightenment. The temple’s stunning architecture and peaceful surroundings are ideal for reflection and meditation.

It is a famous Buddhist attraction and visiting place in Bihar.

Bodhgaya is a place where lord Budha got enlightenment and start to share knowledge and spread to advertise Bodha dharm.

In Bodhgaya, there is a bodh temple in which a peeple tree is present. People says that it is a sample of the tree under which Gautam budh got enlightenment. That’s why this tree is known as Bodh Briksh.

It is one of the tourist attraction and visiting place in Bihar.

BODHGAYA VISIT Top visiting places in bodhgaya, bihar 2023 (

(2) Nalanda University:- UNESCO world heritage site

IIt was a Buddhist monestic University in ancient madagh (Bihar) eastern India. It was the world’s first residential University where 10000 Student and 3000 teachers was spreading knowledge at a time. It was a centre of learning in ancient world where Students comes to get knowledge from different location like china, Japan, Shree Lanka etc..

Students of this University was got alot of success in different stream.

some Alumnus of Ancient Nalanda University are :-

  • Aryabhata
  • Nagarjuna
  • Dignaga
  • Dharmakriti
  • Harshavardhana
  • Vasubandhu

One of the world’s first residential institutions,Nalanda University, which drew academics from all around Asia, was previously located in Nalanda. Nalanda University’s ruins provide a look into India’s early educational system. The spectacular ruins of monasteries, temples, and classrooms that date back more than a thousand years are open for exploration.

At the end of 12th century, Inveder bakhtiyaar khilji destroy the world’s first residential University and order his soldiers to burn all the campus including library.

It is 12 km from Rajgir and 90 km from Capital of Bihar (Patna).

Nalanda is well connected to Patna and there are many mode of transportation are available like bus, train and people can hire taxi to visit Nalanda ruin’s.So we can say that, it is the one of the famous visiting place in Bihar.

(3) Bhagalpur’s Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary:-

A trip to the Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary is essential for nature lovers. The conservation of the critically endangered Gangetic river dolphins is the focus of this sanctuary. To see these elegant animals in their natural environment, take a boat ride on the Ganges River.

It is streched in the area of 60km from sultanganj to kahalgaon in Bhagalpur district.

Dolphins has been now declared as a National aquatic animal of India. This decision was taken by National Ganga river Basin authority (NGRBA) chaired by our formal prime minister Dr. Manmohan singh on Monday, 5 October 2009.

it is very easy to visit this place from Patna. It is well connected from Patna through different mode of travel like Train, bus and individual can hire taxi to visit vikramshila gangatic dolphin sanctuary.

It is 25 km from Bhagalpur railway station and 200 km from Patna.

Time to visit – June to October

(5) Rajgir:-

Rajgir is a town with a rich historical significance that is tucked away in the beautiful hills of Bihar. Buddhism and Jainism were both prominent there. When visiting this town, you shouldn’t forget to check out the Japanese Peace Pagoda and the Rajgir Wildlife Sanctuary.

It is known as place of God because there are several temple of many god is here. It is a Holy place for many religions like Hindu, muslim, Sikh, Jain and Buddhism.

Here many tourist attraction place that open across the year.

  • Pandu pokhar
  • Sone bhandar
  • Vishwa Shanti stupa
  • Ghora katora
  • Gurudwara
  • Barhm kund
  • Gurudwara
  • Sapt kund
  • Jal mandir
  • Nature safari
  • Glass bridge
  • vulture peak
  • Venu van
  • Rajgir ropeway

Rajgir is all time visiting place, but Most people like to visit Rajgir in Winter season.

(6) Vaishali:-

The Mahabharata and Buddhist writings both make reference to the historic city of Vaishali. According to legend, Lord Mahavira, the 24th Jain Tirthankara, was born there. Visit the Ashoka Pillar and the Buddha Stupa, two landmarks representing Vaishali’s long history.

(7) Patna:-

As the capital of BiharPatna combines history with modernity. Discover the enormous collection of relics in the Patna Museum, which includes the famed Didarganj Yakshi statue. Other noteworthy sights in the city include the 

  • Iskcon temple
  • Marine drive
  • Gandhi Maidan
  • Ganga ghats
  • Mahavir Mandir
  • Zoo
  • Starodium
  • Golghar
  • Patna Sahib Gurudwara.
  • Agam kuan
  • Nit ghat
  • City centre mall
  • Budha smriti park
  • Eco park
  • P&N mall
  • Patna Museum
  • Panch Shiv mandir
  • Kumhrar park

There are many street food court is available in Patna that win the heart of the people.

As per my knowledge, Patna is the best visiting place in Bihar because it is a capital of Bihar and there is every thing is available in Patna that a people want to visit.

(8) Valmiki National Park:-

For those who love animals, Valmiki National Park is a veritable wonderland. Bengal tigersleopards, and numerous bird species can be found in this protected area, along with a wide variety of other plants and animals

(9) Sanjay Gandhi jaivik udyan (zoo)

It is the only zoo in Bihar where several types of plants and animal are inhabited under single boundary. Here, the unique and beautiful white peacock, white tiger, Elephant, Deer, different types of Birds, hippopotamus, king of Animals(lion), leopard, Bear, chimpanzee, different type of monkey like black face monkey, lion tail monkey, Ape, jangly cat, Crocodile and different type of beautiful animals are living in the same zoo.

It is situated on belly road near Raja bridge.

It’s ticket price is very cheap to visit and Individual can book ticket from online portal.

Book ticket through

Ticket price :-

  • Adult – Rs 30
  • child – Rs 10
  • Student group( min 10 students) – Rs 5 per head
  • Adult group (min 10 person ) – Rs 25 per head

Timing to visit :-

  • Monday closed
  • Tuesday to Sunday – 0800hrs to 1700hrs

(10) Kakolat waterfall

It is situated in Nawada district Bihar and it is 33km from Nawada and 137 km from Capital of Bihar (Patna).Kakolat water fall is one of the famous tourist attraction place in Southern Bihar.

People normally bath in it’s cold water that fall from the height of approx 150 feet to 160 feet and make a Natural water reservoir on the base of the falls. People like to visit here in the summer season from March to September.

( 11) Sher Shah Shuri’s tomb.

It is situated in Sasaram, Rohtas district of Bihar. It is 20 km from Rohtas and approx 200 km from Patna. It is one of the visiting place In Bihar where people attracts.

The height of this tomb is 13 feet higher than The Taj Mahal.

Ser Shah Shuri started to construct this architect in the centre of excevated lake but this construction is completely by his son and successor Islam Shah after 3 month the death of Sher Shah Shuri in 1545 AD.

(12) Birth place of wife of lord Ram :- Sitamarhi

Sitamarhi, believed to be the birth place of Devi Sita. It is a frequently visited visiting place in Bihar. This place is well known as an array of temples and religions.

Sitamarhi is district of Bihar and it comes under mithila region. It is approx 100 kms from Patna. Connectivity of Sitamarhi is too fast and it is well connected to Patna as well as many city by train, bus and Road.

people beleive that this is a birth place of Devi Sita and it’s name also define it value and honour. Ram Navami is a spring festival of holy festival which is celebrated with a large fair held to mark of occasion.

best water parks in bihar

If You are in Bihar, especially in Summer season and your want to do some enjoyment with water then there are many water parks are available in different location of Bihar. Most of the time it is fully crowded and people comes here in summer season.

It is fully money worthy joyful place that is liked by most of the people. In 2010 there was one park but now many water parks inaugurated that makes it crowd attractions and became a demanded visiting place in Bihar.

List of some best water parks

  • Hangama water park – Patna
  • Chhapak water park – Punafih
  • Funtasia island – Patna
  • Bakrour – Bodh gaya
  • Ara water park – Ara
  • Fun & Adventures water park – Chhapra
  • Fun n city water park – Dhanarua
  • Aquafun Water park – Phulwari-sharif
  • Crazy water park – Bodh gaya

Weather and Climate of bihar

Bihar has a subtropical climate, which features hot summers and moderately cold winters. The monsoon season brings the majority of the region’s rainfall, which is essential for agriculture. All season comes on time and people enjoy the season, especially rainy season. People comes out of the house when rain drop comes into the surface. Time of the season is mentioned below :-

  • Summer season – July to September
  • Winter season – October to December
  • Rainy season – April to June
  • Spring season – January to March

Resources in Bihar

Bihar is abundant in natural resources, including fertile soil, minerals like gypsum and limestone, and a wide range of flora and animals. Agriculture in the state is important to its economy.

Undivided Bihar was very rich in minerals but after partition most of the resources became the part of Jharkhand but still there are many resources is present in the land of Bihar. lately, in jamui A large amount of gold is found.


Geographic diversity in the state promotes a variety of species. In its forestswetlands, and rivers, you can find a wide variety of plant and animal species.

Bihar is a home of many animals and word because it has many wildlife sanctuary where animal can survive by their own and it is being preserved under Government.

Now I will discuss about the basic things like How to people Comes to Bihar from Different location

How to visit Bihar ?

Bihar is well connected to all over India. It has Approx 15 Air-ports Thousand Railway stations Nd thousandz Bus stand.

The Famous Airport is :-

  • Jayprakash Narayan International Airport
  • Gaya Air-port
  • Begusarai Airport.
  • Bhagalpur Airport
  • Darbhanga Airpiet
  • Bihta Airforce station
  • Purnea Airforce
  • Sabey Airport

The famous Railway station in bihar is :-

  • Patna junction
  • Patliputra junction
  • Rajendra nagar Terminal
  • Danapur Railway station
  • Patna Sahib

Some Important species and items of Bihar

  • National mark:- Bodhi Tree with prayer beads, flanked by two swastikas.
  • Famous fastival :- chhath-puja
  • National Bird :- house sparrow
  • National Animal:- Gaur
  • National flower :- pot merigold (Genda)
  • National tree :- Peepal
  • National fruit :- Mango
  • Famous sweets :- Thekua
  • National dish :- litti-chokha
House sparrow
Chhath puja

Some famous political leader of Bihar

  • Shree Nitish Kumar – Chief Minister
  • Tejashwi yadav – Dupty Chief minister
  • Rajendra Arlekar – Governor
  • Lalu yadav – Former railway minister
  • Rawri devi – Former chief minister
  • Chirag paswan
  • Ran vilas paswan
  • Jitan ram manjhi

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