Wild wonders of Bihar: Rajgir safari/ Nature safari (2024)

Rajgir safari

The Rajgir safari is located in the famous and historic District Nalanda, Bihar. It is also known as the Rajgir Wildlife safari or Rajgir Nature safari. It is situated at approx 101 km from the capital of Bihar, Patna. It is opened for public on 16 Feb 2022. Total ₹177 crore has been spent to … Read more

A great heritage gateway: – Sabhyta Dwar(2024)

Sabhyta dwar patna

It is known as Civilization gate or Sabhyta dwar. It is a victory symbol which is established on the bank of Ganga River Patna, Bihar. It is just near Gandhi Museum and Gandhi maidan. Rajasthani Red-white sandstone is used to make this structure. There are many beautiful gardens is established here that increase the beauty … Read more

The great Virat Ramayan mandir: Introduction, History and importance (2024)

virat ramayan mandir

In this article we will discuss about Virat Ramayan mandir. You all have heard about that Ayodhya is blessed with a Lord Shree Ram temple where many devotees of Shree Ram come to visit this temple. It is estimated that this temple attracts approx. 5 crore people. The same way Bihar is also going to … Read more

Hidden History, Timing and importance of Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan 2024

patna zoo

In this article, you will know all about the Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan. It is also known as Patna Zoo. You will know about how many types of plants and animals are living there. You will know the timing and when to visit. There are many another visiting place inside the campus of Sanjay Gandhi … Read more

Best shopping mall in Patna: 2023

Best Shopping malls

Patna is the capital of Bihar. Patna is not only the capital of Bihar, but also the largest city in Bihar. Patna is located on the southern bank of river Ganges. This city is also a sacred city for the Sikhs, it is here that the tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Govind Singh was born. Patna … Read more

Mahavir mandir Patna 2023: – Great History, Timing and Importance

In this article you will know all about Mahavir mandir which is situated just near the Patna junction. You will know the history and importance of its presence. You will also know how many people visit here daily and how to visit and reach to the complex of Mahavir temple. As I have told you … Read more

Patna Gandhi Maidan: A Witness of Patna’s Beauty 2023

Gandhi maidan Patna

In this article we will discuss all about Gandhi maidan Patna. This place is holding a historical significance and witness of many historical events. It is a place that full-fill the requirement of every person. This place is a sports ground for players, visiting place for Travellers, heaven for couples, oxygen cylinder for patients, Auditorium … Read more

Takht Sri Patna Sahib: Best visiting place in Patna 2023.

best visiting places in patna

In this article, we will discuss about the world-famous religious place, or we can say that Best visiting place in Patna, Shri Harimandir sahib, Patna. It is also known as Takht Sri Harimandir Ji, Patna Sahib. There are total five takht of Sikh religion and this is one of them. This place is very famous … Read more

10 Famous Temples in Bihar

Mahabodhi Temple: Mahabodhi Temple in Gaya is one of the most famous Temples in Bihar and a significant pilgrim site for Buddhist devotees. It stands 180 feet tall. Gaya’s Mahabodhi tree is said to be the location where Lord Gautam Buddha acquired enlightenment. It’s pyramidal shikhara (structure) is layered with nooks, arch patterns, and beautiful … Read more

Top visiting places in Bodhgaya, 2023

top visiting places in bihar

Welcome to the journey of Bodhgaya with me. I am going to write this article after visit that place personally. So I can suggest you, what to do or what the thing you should not to do. Actually, It is very famous because of Gautam Budha who got enlightenment under a peeple tree. This place … Read more