Mahavir mandir Patna 2023: – Great History, Timing and Importance

In this article you will know all about Mahavir mandir which is situated just near the Patna junction. You will know the history and importance of its presence. You will also know how many people visit here daily and how to visit and reach to the complex of Mahavir temple. As I have told you that it has its own importance that’s why is blessed with full trained security person and advanced camera. It is well connected to all over state of India and all district of Bihar. So, tighten your seat belt before starting the journey of most famous temple of India.

Ram Navmi is a birthday of Lord Shree Ram. On this day a large number of devotees of lord Ram and Hanuman march in Patna with red flag and cloths. This festival makes the Hindu proud and force them to work together and motivate them to know about the history of Sanatan.

Introduction of Mahavir mandir

Mahavir mandir patna is a holiest place for Hindu religion. This temple is very famous for Lord hanuman, but it has statues of many Gods and Goddesses. It is very famous hanuman temple of north India. There are millions of pilgrims visit this temple every year. This temple is very ancient. No one knows when this temple was stated to build but after independence it was rebuilt and became the shelter of Hindu refuse in 1948.

There are many people who contribute their life to serve the temple and help the poor people. Acharya Kunal is one of them who contribute their life to the temple. He decided to build this temple before but there were many restrictions. Insite of that This temple has built, and he is serving as a secretary of the temple.

Mahavir mandir patna has two mainly three gates, two gate is always open for the public but third gate open when crowd is uncontrolled. On Tuesday and Saturday, a large crowd visit this temple to worship lord hanuman along with Shree Ram, Laxman, Mata Sita, Shree Krishna, Mahdev Shiv shanker, Sani dev and many more. This place has witness of crowd at the evening of Saturday because of Sani dev g.

volunteers always ready to serve the temple and help the people. Here free shoe house is also available, where you can put your shoe while visiting the temple. People serving free of cost.

There are many sources of income of this temple Donation of this temple is used to help the needy people and run the hospital and paid to the staff of the temple.

Historical significance


In 1948, supreme court had announced this temple is open for all the person. After that this temple was started to rebuild and its full credit goes to Aacharya Kunal sir and his team. They really wanted to build this Hindu temple there.

The land where this temple is situated, it is donated by Indian Railway. There was a interview of Acharya Kunal published in which he told about the story of the temple. He told in that interview, how much difficulty he was facing while he was planned to build this beautiful temple.

Important things to do while visit hanuman mandir

  • Daily aarti is organized Twice (morning & Evening) a day in the complex of the temple.
    • There is a stone on the 1st floor of the temple that is floating on the water. People believed that this stone was used to make a bridge from Kanyakumari to Lanka by Shree Ram.
  • Naiwaidnam, it was a famous and favorite sweets of Lord Hanuman. It is being made by the staff of the temple and sell it to the people to make a bhog to lord Hanuman.
  • Here, another type of sweets is famous that is made by besan. This sweet is known as Ladoo.
  • On the first floor of the temple, there is a architecture of a temple that is proposed to be made in Ayodhya.
  • There is a small temple of Lord Sani, people used to light
  • a lamp in the Sani dev temple. In this lamp, people use Til oil.

How to visit hanuman mandir Patna

Hanuman mandir is very close to the Patna junction. It is just 05 km meters from Patna Airport (Jay Prakash Narayan). People who are from outside of Bihar, they have three options. As we know that Patna is very popular in India, and it is well connected to all over the country. People can come in Patna by air, by road and by train easily.

By Train

As we know that Patna is a big city, and it is very populated. So, Patna is blessed with 5 railway stations where many train initiate and terminate. All station helps the people to route in the different direction. Patna junction is the biggest Railway station of Patna where every train stop. It is just close to the Hanuman temple.

Railway station of Patna:-

  • Patna junction
  • Danapur railway station
  • Rajendra nagar terminal
  • Patliputra railway station

By Bus

Patna is a capital and educational hub. So, it attracts more crowd. For them it is very difficult to travel by train in every National highway. People can travel and arrive in Patna by bus. There is mainly one bus National bus stand in Patna that route bus of every route. As of now, there is a plan to inaugurate a new bus stand that helps to split the crowd of Patna who want to travel by bus.

  • Now, there is one bus stand whose name is ISBT that route many buses in deferent cities. It is near pahari and we can say that it is known as bairiya bus stand.
  • Patna is planning to start a new bus stand in Danapur Bihta road that will be very useful for public.

People who want to come to Patna by bus they can hire a full taxi or can come by sharing taxi. It will take you near Hanuman Temple.

By Air

People who want to visit this amazing and beautiful temple, but he is living out of Bihar. They can come to Patna. This city has a International Airport whose name is Jayprakash Narayan Airport. It is just 05 km from Patna junction. You can hire a taxi to reach Hanuman Mandir.

Best places to visit near hanuman temple

Patna has many tourist attractions for family, couples and Friends. Mahavir mandir Patna is one of them. Apart of this there are many places that need to visit once in life. These all-tourist places of Patna near Hanuman temple are mentioned below.

  • Budha smriti park
  • V2 mall
  • Harding Park
  • City center mall
  • Gandhi maidan
  • Patna museum
  • P & M mall
  • Bihar museum
  • Patna planetorium
  • Sanjay Gandhi jaivik udyan
  • Eco Park
  • Nit ghat
  • Patna sahib gurudwara
  • Kumhrar park

Best hotels Near Hanuman mandir Patna // visiting places near Hanuman mandir

After visit all the visiting places in Patna. People can have some rest. So, people need to book hotel near Mahavir mandir Patna, or we can say that near Patna Junction.

Personally, I suggest people to book hotel via online site that provide the room at very low cost. The list of the online sites has mentioned below.

There are some hotels also that i want to suggest you who is provided. a best neet and clean room at very low price. This room will be couple friendly as well as for family. The best hotels according to me are mentioned below where you can stay.

SL NoName of hotelsPriceRating
1.Hotel olive suites20004.3.
2.Hotel city center15004.1
3.OYO Townhouse 79957 Oyo Townhouse 411 Hotel Clark Inn15003.5
4.Hotel holiday inn10003.5
5.Hotel Rajlaxmi12003.4
Best hotels to stay near Mahavir mandir.
Entry feeFree
Timing0500 Hrs to 2200 Hrs
Famous festivalRam Navmi

My experience and feedback about the Mahavir mandir Patna

I am from Patna and i visit hanuman mandir many times. Not only me every person of Patna visit this temple time to time because after visit this temple. we feel internal energy.

I usually visit this temple with my friends and parents. After reaching there i put my shoe off and submit it to the shoe store and collect token as a proof that I have submit my shoe here, then after, we wash our foot on tap that is besides shoe store. After that we took Navaid Nam from the sweets corner, near the front gate of the temple.

I visited there in the morning of Tuesday. So, I meet with crowd. Mainly, Temple is crowded two days in a week, Tuesday and Saturday. I stand for two hours in the line and then i was blessed to meet with lord hanuman where i had blessed food and flowers. After that i read hanuman Chalisha and then wen to the first floor where we see a floating stone . After asking to some people, they told us that it is a stone that was used in the bridge from Kanyakumari to Lanka by Lord Ram.

After that we visit all the temple inside complex, have some photographs and then come out of the temple.


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