Golghar:- History, timing and importance


In this article we will discuss about the full journey of historical landmark of Bihar, Golghar, Patna. The Golghar means ’round house’ is made especially to store a large quantity of grains that would be use during drought (lack of water). It is located near ganga river in Patna. It is also known as the Granary of Patna.

Golghar has a rounded Stupa like structure. It is 29 m high and its dimeter 32m-35m (Approx). This monument is owned by Bihar government. Its construction completed date was 20 July 1786. It is designed by Capitan john Gerstein.

it is a gigantic igloo like structure and there are 145 steps that take you at the top of the Golghar, from where you can see the beauty of Patna.


History of Golghar

First of all the question is arising here is why this monument is made. In 1770, A severe Famine strike in the land of India in which millions of people died because of starvation. Mainly four state was mostly affected. Those state were Bihar, Bengal, Odissa, and Up. As a precautionary measure against another similar disaster.

After seeing all these disaster, Governor General of that time Warren Hasting ordered to build a storage facility in which a large quantity of food grain can be stored. In 1786, Captain John gastrin of Bengal Engineers build a 29-meter tall, Piller less structure to store Surplus grains.

This architecture is a rounded gigantic igloo like structure and 145 stair surrounded it to reach at the top without any difficulty. There is a hole on the top of the monument that was used to fill this structure and stairs was used to carry grain from ground to the top of the Golghar.

There are some ventilation systems to ventilate this structure to supply fresh air to the grains.

It was built in Patna to store a large quantity of food grains for the future famine. This Monument is made to conserve the large amount of grain that would be use whenever it was required. This granary was built after the severe famine effect in India.

How to reach Golghar

It is a very well-connected area, and it is very close to Gandhi Maidan. It is situated at prime location. It is just 0.5 km from Gandhi Maidan and 2 km from Patna junction. This place is located on the bank of Ganga River. Person who is from outside of Patna he can came to Patna by air, by rail or by road.

By Air

There is an Airport in Patna that’s name is Jay Prakash Narayan Airport. It is just 05 km from Golghar and then you can hire a taxi to reach at the location. It’s fare mostly Rs 250 to Rs 300.

By Road

It is well connected to all over the district and nearby state of Bihar. There are many National Highways that connect other state to Bihar. The person who want to visit here, He can come to Patna by bus or his personal vehicles.

If you are want to come by bus, You have to read this upcoming line carefully. There are many bus stand in Patna but the main or biggest bus stand of Patna is Isbt bus terminal. It is situated near Pahari and You can hire taxi from the bus stand that bring you directly to location. It’s fare mainly Rs 250 to Rs 300.

You can also go for Ola or Uber service that is more efficient and safer. than other transport services.

By Rail

There are many Train is running daily to carry passenger from one place to another place at very cheap rate. If you want to visit here and coming to Patna by train then you have to keep upcoming information into your mind.

There are Total 5 railway station in Patna.

  • Patna junction
  • Rajendra Nagar Terminal
  • Danapur railway station
  • Pataliputra junction
  • Gulljar Bagh railway station

You can hire a taxi or take a Ola or Uber ride that bring you there easily. Its maximum fare is 300 ₹

Best time to visit Golghar.

As we know that, Patna is blessed with all types of seasons and personally i like day of winter seasons and night of summer seasons to wander Patna and visit all the places of Patna.

Its ticket charge is only 10 ₹ per adult to enter inside the complex where you will see a big park and natural beauty.

There is also arranged laser show in the evening that increased the beauty of Golghar.

AddressAshok Rajpath Road, Chajju Bagh, Patna, Bihar 800001
Time to visit1000 Hrs. to 1700 Hrs. for all day
Maintenace dayMonday (closed)
Entry fee10 ₹ per adult

Best hotels in Patna near Golghar

After visiting this place you have two visit more places in Patna that is in Patna and easily accessible. Before moving ahead, you have plan for the night stay that is very close to the Patna junction and easily accessible from all visiting places in Patna.

SL NoName of HotelsRating Price
1.Hotel Pataliputra Nirvana4.02125 ₹
2.Hotel fort4.01100 ₹
3.Oyo Hotel mega palace3.9900 ₹
4.Hotel Vrindavan 3.8900 ₹
5.Hotel Mudrika deluxe3.8900 ₹

Best places in Patna to visit near Golghar.

It is very attractive, and person should visit this place once in his life. If you are planning to visit here. So, I want to suggest you something to make your journey more comfortable.

There are many visiting places in Patna near Golghar that attract many visitors. Golghar will take only 2 hours in which you will see and know all about Golghar. So, my suggestion is that you need to visit attractive visiting places near Golghar that are mentioned below.

SL NoName of places
1.Gandhi maidan
2.Gandhi Sangrahalaya
3.Patna museum
4.Bihar museum
5.Marine drive
6.City center mall
7.Patna planetarium ( Taramandal )
8.Nit Ghat
9.Budha smriti park
10.Patna sahib Gurudwara

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