The great Virat Ramayan mandir: Introduction, History and importance (2024)

In this article we will discuss about Virat Ramayan mandir. You all have heard about that Ayodhya is blessed with a Lord Shree Ram temple where many devotees of Shree Ram come to visit this temple. It is estimated that this temple attracts approx. 5 crore people. The same way Bihar is also going to be blessed with a Virat Ramayan mandir which will be spreaded over an area of 51 hectares (125 acres). It is planned to be 123 meters (405 ft) High. It will be 850 meters (2800 ft) in length and 430 meters (1400 ft) in width.

virat ramayan mandir
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Virat Ramayan Mandir is a Hindu temple which is is planned to be established in Kaithwalia-Bahuara village located in the city of Motahari East Champaran district of Bihar, India. It is being built by an organisation named Mahavir Sthal Nyas Samiti(Mahavir mandir trust). It’s estimated budget to build this temple is approx. ₹500 crore (US $63 million). This temple is inspired and is planned to build like Angkor Wat temple of Cambodia. Total capacity of Virat Ramayan mandir to consist of Lord Shree Ram devotee is 20,000 people at a time. Constuction of this temple was planned to start in 2015 but due to some protest of Government of Cambodia regarding the name of this temple.

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Location of Virat Ramayan Mandir

It is situated in Motihari, East Champaran district of Bihar. It is at a distance of 125 km from the capital of Bihar, Patna. This place is located in north Bihar, and it is at a distance of 60 km from Vaisali, 96 km from Raxaul and 13 km from Chakia. It is located at Bahuara-Lathwaluia villages in Chakia-Kasariya Road in East Champaran district.

Importance of Virat Ramayan mandir

Virat Ramayan mandir is a new Hindu temple in Kesaria, Bihar, India. After completion of construction of this temple, It will be the largest religious monument in the world.

This temple is inspired by many temples like Angkor wat temple which is located in Cambodia. Another temple is Rameshwaram and Minakshi temple of India. Total 18 God and Goddess temple is comprised inside this temple but the main focus on the temple of Lord Shree Ram and Devi Sita.

As same as Shree Ram mandir Ayodhya, it will be the one of the top visiting places all over the world.

History of Virat Ramayan mandir

Patna based, Mahavir mandir trust first proposed the project, under the name of Virat Angkor wat Ram mandir in Hajipur, Bihar.

In August 2012, Government of Cambodia show his anger against this temple. They said we can’t make a same replica of Angkor temple and we can’t use its name in this temple.

After this all issue was arising, Indian Government asked Mahavir mandir trust not to build the exact replica of Angkor wat temple.

The Mahavir mandir trust headed by Acharya Kunal Kishor has decided to change its name from Virat Angkor wat Ram mandir to Virat Ramayan mandir.

On 13 November 2013, Nitish Kumar, Chief minister of Bihar unveiled a model of this temple.

SL NoVirat Ramayan mandirDetails
1.Location of Virat Ramayan mandirJankipur, Motihari, East-Champaran, Bihar, India
2.Inaugration date13 Aug 2013
3.Inspired byAngkor Wat mandir, Combodia
4.Estimated Building CostApprox 500 crores
5.Main Deities Lord Ram and Mata Sita
6.Length2800 ft
7.Weadth1400 ft
8.Height408 ft
9.AreaApprox 125 Acres
10.Prayer Hall capacityApprox 20,000 people
11.Upcoming Sivling (Height and width)33 feet (l) and 33 ft (W)
12.CompletedExpected 2025
13.CreatorMahavir Sthal Nyas Samiti (Mahavir mandir Trust) Patna
14.Contact No0612 222 3789
15.Official websiteVirat Ramayan Mandir Official

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