Shree Ram mandir: A great History, importance and timing 2024

It is a holy Hindu temple which has its own historical significance. Lord Ram is a main devotee of this temple. There are some other temple are established like Mata Sita, lord Hanuman, laxman and lord Ganesh. Earlier, there was only a small statue but now it became a big Shree Ram temple and a visiting place in the world.

It is believed that many years ago, There was a Ram mandir on the birth place of Lord Ram in Ayodhya. When Mugal king Aurangjeb came in the rule, he broke many temple and build a mosque on the place of temples

Ram mandir
Ram mandir


This holy temple is commonly known as Shree Ram Mandir which is situated on the bank of Saryu river in ayodhaya, Uttar pradesh. Ayodhya is the birth place of Lord Ram.This temple is inaugurated on 22 January 2024.

Height of Ram mandir is 110 ft, width is 72 ft and height is 49 ft. Ram mandir is spread in 2.7 acres of land in ayodhaya.There are total 160 columns on the Ground floor, 134 columns on first floor and 74 columns on second floor. There are total 12 gates are made to for entry and exits for the temple.

Apart from lord Shree Ram, total 7 more God and goddess hs been built on the wall that not only enhance the beauty of the temple but also connect Kalyug to the treta yug.

The main deity of the temple is Lord Shree Ram but here is also temple of lord Shiva, lord Ganesha, Mata Ahilya, Mata Sabri, Maharishi Valmiki, Maharishi Vishwamitra, Maharishi Nishad, Maharishi vashistha and Maharishi Agashtya.

History of Shree Ram temple

Ram mandir
Ram mandir

After the water burial of shree Ram, Ayodhaya was gradually lose his importance but some time after son of Shree Ram was taken initiative to bring the importance as before. He repairs the city and road and reconstruct all the things in Ayodhya.After this reconstruction, Ayodhya was in existence till 44th generation. The last king of Suryawansh was king Brihdwal. After his death, Ayodhya was started to decline.

Who reconstruct Shree Ram mandir in Kalyug?

It is said that when king Bikramaditya was wandering during hunting. He saw some mysterious miracles. So he gain some knowledge about this land. He asked to nearby monk, saint and person and found that it was the land of birth place of lord Shree Ram.He decided to build a big temple here and ponds. It is said that a big and beautiful temple with 84 black stone.

Who was the eye witness of Shree Ram mandir ?

According to the famous Chinese monk, Pha-hiyan, who was the witness of Ram mandir. He saw there was secure record of many monestry. In 7th century, Chinese traveller came here to visit this place. According to him, there was more than 20 monestry and 3000 monk was living in Ayodhya. He also discuss about a famous temple where thousands of people came daily to visit this temple and it was known as Ram mandir.

Who demolished Shree Ram mandir ?

In 1528, This site was one of them where a famous temple that ruined down by Mir Baqi, commander of mugal King Babur and built a mosque, named Babri mosque. In 1949, An idol of Ram and Sita were placed in the campus of Babri mosque and In 1992 some Hindu activist attracted on mosque and demolish the mosque tower.

Archeological servay of India has discovered many proof that prove, this place was blessed with a big temple. In 2003 ASI said, he found the symbol of temple on the base of the Babri mosque. He found many Hinduism symbol from the piller and remains. They also found here a temple of lord Shiva that prove that it was a land of temple.

In 2019 , Supreme court of India delivered a verdict to build a Ram mandir on disrupted land and provide some pieces of land 22 km away from Ayodhya Ram mandir to build a mosque.


Ram mandir is a dream for many people whose construction was started after the verdict of Supreme court in 2019.On 5 Feb 20, Our prime minister Narendra Modi announced to form a trust to construct Shree Ram mandir in Ayodhya. On this day, kameshwar chaupal laid the first brick for the construction of Ram lalla temple.

This temple is designed by Sompura family in Nagara style. They have experience to build many temple in nagara style.L & T company has taken contract to build this temple without money

Ram mandir is constructed with unique kinds of stone and there is no use of iron in the temple because iron rusts. It was planned to make 3 storeys building which is supported by 392 pillars. There are total 44 doors inside and 12 main entrance in the temple.

Idol of Shree Ram

It is designed by mysuru based sculpture Arjun yogiraj. Idol of Ram lalla is 51 inches tall and chiseled of 3 billion year old rock which is known as Krishna Shila or black schist.

How to reach at Shree Ram mandir ?

Ayodhya is now well connected to all over the world. Earlier it has very limited source to visit here but now this places is blessed with Ayodhya international airport, Ayodhya dham railway station, bus terminal and express way.

people can easily come to Ayodhya by And mean whatever will be comfortable for them.

1.SupervisionShree ram janam-bhoomi teerth kshetra companyLarson & Turbo
3.cost1800 crore material Only stone
5.Inaugration date22 jan 24
6.Fund Raising Donation
7.Principal deityShree Ram
8.Designed bySompura family
10.PositionWorld third largest hindu teme
Shree Ram mandir

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