Budha Smriti Park:A hidden calm escape 2024


Budha smriti park is one of the best visiting place in bihar.It is also known as Budha memorial park.It is located on Frazer road just patna junction platform no 1. It is govern by Bihar government and designed by Vikram Lall. In the presence of Our chief minister Shree Nitish Kumar , this park was inaugurated on 27 may 2010 by 14th Dalai Lama on the occasion of 2554th birth anniversary of Gautam Budha.

Historical significance

Budha smriti park spread over 22 acre of land and operated by Bihar urban infrastructure Development corporation. The total cost of construction of this park was approx 125 cr ( US $16 million).In British era, A big central jail detained many prisoners but After the construction of Beur jail on the outskirt of patna, this jail became redundant.

This Holy park is blessed with two sapled plant of sacred bodhi tree. One was brought from Bodhgaya in India and another was from Anuradhapura , Shri Lanka. This tree make this park a sacred religious place for Buddhism.

The main part to visit in this park is Patliputra Karuna Stupa which is 200 feet high and situated in the centre of the Budha smriti park. There are another important thing here is the ashes of Gautam Budha which is filled in the pot. This pot is placed inside the main stupa. Initially, it was openly display in patna Museum after the excavation from vaishali.

What the places to visit in Budha smriti park

Laser show

People came to this park to see the beauty and it’s historical shadow of Gautam budha but Bihar Government provide facility of laser show in the evening from 1800 hrs to 1900 hrs every day except Monday.

A 8d picture is appears on the droplets of water and make a video. This video shows the Historical significance of Bihar and history from Ramayan to Post independence

Meditation centre

As we know that, the craze of meditation is being increased day by day. This park provide a facility to teach meditation and tell the importance of meditation. This course name is Vipassana meditation and ofcourse it is running on donation.

meditation centre is based on the structure of our ancient Nalanda University. It has 60 cell and one can view the beautyful stupa which is the enshrine of Sukyamuni Budha. There are also smart classes with good sound system to give presentation about life and Gautam budha.There is also some books are available to know about the life of Gautam budha.

Smriti bagh

This smriti bagh is a open space which is Designed to accumulate 5000 person at a time. Smriti bagh is also known as park of memory where many sculpture.

Karuna Stupa

The another main places to see in this park is Karuna Stupa.It is 3 storey building and the interesting part is that it is open for visitors. This stupa enshrined the relics of Sukyamuni Budha and it is encased in glass frame.

Bodhi tree

Budha smriti park is blessed with two sacred sample of bodhi tree which were brought from Bodhgaya in India and Mahameghavana in Shri Lanka.

How to visit Budha smriti park

As we know that now a day it is very easy to reach at any location across country via Google map but some people still need some guidance for accuracy of the location.

By rail

Budha smriti park is located at the centre of patna and just in front of Patna junction. It is 100 mtr from Patna junction and 2 km from Rajendra Nagar terminal.

Train is a efficient medium to reach at this location for those who are from out of patna. They can arrive at patna junction and visit this park without any hustle. There are also many places near this park to visit.

By air

Budha smriti park is 4 km away from Patna airport (jayprakash Narayan airport). People can hire a cab or use ola and uber to reach at this location easily. They can charge Rs 100 to Rs 150.

By road

Budha smriti park is 8 km away from (ISBT) Bairiya bus stand and there are many cab and auto will be available 24*7. It’s maximum fair is Rs 150 to Rs 200 to hire full taxi and Rs 30 per head for sharing.

This park is 2 km from Gandhi maidan patna

Sl NoQuestionAnswer
1.Timing 0900 to 1900(except Monday)
2.Laser show timing1800 to 1900(except Monday)
3.Entry feeRs 20
4.Museum feeRs 40
5.Inauguration 27 may 2010 by 14th Dalai LAMA
6.Construction cost125 cr(US $16 million)
7.Official site http://buddha-smriti-park.com/
Budha smriti park

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