Top visiting places in Bodhgaya, 2023

Welcome to the journey of Bodhgaya with me. I am going to write this article after visit that place personally. So I can suggest you, what to do or what the thing you should not to do.

Actually, It is very famous because of Gautam Budha who got enlightenment under a peeple tree. This place is in Gaya and is famous for enlightenment of Gautam Budha. So, this place is popularly known as Bodhgaya. Inspite of this, there are many visiting places in Bodhgaya to visit.

Mainly this place is related to Buddhist community but because of the beauty of this place, people of all religion visit this place. This place is well connected to all over the world. Most of the person who visit this place is from other Buddhist country like Nepal, Japan, Indonesia, Myanmar and SriLanka.

In 2002, Mahabodhi temple became the UNESCO world Heritage site. In this article you will know about top visiting places in Bodhgaya, why Bodhgaya is famous for and, how to visit Bodhgaya and Best hotels in Bodhgaya to stay.

top visiting places in Bodhgaya

Why Bodhgaya is famous for ?

It contain one of the Holiest Buddhist sites in the world where the prince Gautam attained enlightenment and became Gautam Budha. A simple shrine was build by the emperor Ashoka to mark the spot. This place contain a peeple tree. It is said that Gautam Budha attained enlightenment under this tree.

top visitng places in bodhgaya

There is a statue inside of the garv-grih which is 1000 year old and it was found in the excavation. It was made up of black stone but after some time king Ashok painted it with golden colour which increase the beauty of the statue.

On the outer side of the temple there are many sculptures and many others sculpture like Bodhi sapt tara.

Top visiting places in Bodhgaya

1. Mahabodhi temple

Mahabodhi temple is one of the best religious sites and top visiting places in Bodhgaya, Bihar. it is located in Gaya district of Bihar. it is situated on the bank of Niranjana or Falgu River. There are many attractive places in bodhgaya that attract tourist from all over the world.

Gautam Budha was a travelling monk and spiritual guide who founded Buddhism during the sixth or fifth century BCE. Gautam Budha was born on 563 BC in Lumbini (modern Nepal) near Kapil Vaastu on the auspicious Baisakhi Purnima in kshatriya family. His childhood name was Shidharth. His father’s name was Suddhodhan, chief of Shakya Nation, one of several ancient tribes in the growing state of Kosla. His mother’s name was Maya, queen of Sakya Nation. After seven days of his birth his mother died. So he was taking care by his mother-in-law, Gautami.

On the night Gautama was conceived. his mother watches a dream in which she dreamt a white elephant entered her side and following the dream, Shidharth was born. After birth of Shidharth, Suddhodhan organized a birth celebration in which many saint has arrived. On that day, some saint announced that either this baby would be a great king, or he will be a great holy saint.

As Suddhodhan wanted to make him a great saint. So, he never allows him to learn indulge in religious matter, but it is said that Things happened in the world that is pre-decided.

Sidhartha was a very kind from his childhood, and you heard some story of Siddharth in which he saved a swan from his cousin Devdath. Sidharth got married with girl named Yasodhara.

When he was 29 years old, one day he expresses his expectation to his father to see his province. He walks out with his Senapati. While he went out he saw four sign and after that he saw many thing but he highlight only four sign.

  • An old man
  • A sick person
  • A corpse being carried to cremation
  • A monk in meditation beneath a tree

The above-mentioned sign Shaked his mind and he decided to feel like him and live like him. So, Gautam Budha decided to live his all property and get out from his house to seek enlightenment. He visit many places but Finally He got enlightenment under the bodhi tree in Bodhgaya.

AddressMahabodhi temple, Bodhgaya, Bihar, 824231
Timing0500 Hrs. to 2100 Hrs. (All day open)
Entry feeFree
Help line no0631 220 0735

2. Giant Statue // The Great buddha statue

top visiting places in bodhgaya

This place is one of the top visiting places in Bodhgaya. The great statue has full of historical significance. This statue is established in November 18, 1989. This special History was made with the presence of Buddhist XIV “DALAI LAMA”. Height of the great buddha statue is 25 mtrs (80 feet) and it is also known as 80 feet Statue.

In daytime is shined by the reflection of sunlight and in night, it is looking very beautiful because it is decorated by many colorful light that make it attractive. People who want to come here, He definitely give his presence here and click photograph for future reference.

Address Great Buddha campus road, Great Buddha rd, Bodhgaya, Bihar 824231, India
Ticket priceFree
Timing0700 Hrs. to 1200 Hrs. & 1400 Hrs. to 1700 Hrs.
Help line no0631 220 0735

3.The Bodhi tree: The real gems of Buddhism

In the temple complex there was a tree, which is known as bodhi tree, under the tree there is a Bajraasan which is also known as Dimond cone. It is said that on that place Mahatma budha was doing meditation and attained enlightenment. This Aasan is donated by King Ashok and under this Aasan there is a bone(asthi) of Gautam Budha.

As far as history of the peeple tree is concerned, This original tree was destroyed by Tissa Rakha, Wife of King Ashoka. But this tree was regain it’s position. In 3rd century, Pushyamitra sung again destroyed it but it again regains it’s position. At last, A king whose name was Shasank who burnt it , that time it was fully destroyed.

When Tisha Rakha destroyed it and it regain it’s position. That time King Ashok sent his son and daughter ( Sanghmitra) to the world for preaching religion. They took many branches of tree and tell him to plant at a different location of the world.

Since 1881, Sir Alexender Cuningham bring a branch of bodhi tree from Anuradha pur that is in Shri Lanka. So, the age of this tree is 140 years

There are total seven place in the complex where Tathagat Gautam Budha did Meditation for seven weeks during the way to achieve enlightenment any each day, he changed his place of meditation.

4. Archeological Museum

top visiting places in bodhgaya

Archeological Museum is a museum of archeology in Bodhgaya, Bihar, India. It is located very near to the main Mahabodhi temple complex. This museum was established in 1956 by archeological survey of India. It contains many ancient sculpture, Artifacts and antiquities related to Buddhism from 2nd century BCE to 11th century BCE.

AddressArcheological museum, Bodhgaya, 824231
Ticket PriceRs 10 per person
Timing0900 Hrs to 1700 Hrs, Friday Closed
Help line no0631 220 0735

5. Lake muchalinda // Lotus pond

Lake muchalinda lake is a sacred lake for Buddhism community. It is believed that, when Gautam Buddha was doing meditation. on his sixth days of meditation, he chooses this place for meditation. during meditation there was huge storm broke out here. on the beneath of the lake, a muchalinda come out and protect the Gautam buddha from the storm and became his hood above his head.

This lake is surrounded by many verities of greenery. Monk choose this place for meditation because this place is very peaceful.You can see here many fishes in the pond and you can feed them puffs rice.

Addresslake muchalinda, bihar, 824231
Timing0900 Hrs to 1700 Hrs
Ticket price 20 Rs for camera & 300 for Video recording

Mahabodhi society of India

top visiting places in bodhgaya

It is a international organization and separate society of Buddhist community where monk live their Social life. It is funded by Indian as well as Foreigner. People from other community can visit here and see the life of Buddhist monks.

How to visit Bodhgaya

As of now, It is a well connected to all over the world, but people are less aware about the route to arrive at Mahabodhi temple. As I have told you that this place is well connected. Thus, there are some modes of travel that you can utilized to visit temple. In below para all possible mode of transportation is discussed.

  • Gaya international Airport is Located10 km from temple after that you can hire a taxi like ola or uber or private taxi to come to the temple at maximum Rs50-Rs100.
  • Jayprakash Narayan airport, Patna is located 10 km from the temple and you can come to the temple by bus. There are two type of bus facility is available from Patna. The first one, local that is very economical class and it’s cost for travel from Patna to Gaya is max Rs100-Rs150. If you want to feel luxury, You can get luxury bus that’s cost is slightly higher than local bus.

If you are from India so you can come to the temple, So you have three option of modes of travel.

  • By air I have mentioned in detailed in above paragraphs.
  • By train You have many options, but I am going to suggest you three famous and easy way to visit to the temple if you are wandering to visit by train. First, Nearest Railway station is Gaya junction that is 16 km far from the temple. Second, Nawada railway station that is approx. 70 km from Mahabodhi temple and Bus facility is also available from Nawada bus stand. Third, Patna junction that is 100 km from Mahabodhi temple and you can come to the temple by bus as I have explained in the above paragraph.
  • By Road This site is funded by the other country like Korea, Japan, Indonesia, China and Myanmar and maximum visitor come here from other country. So, you can assume that how much importance this place is hold. Because of this all things the transportation related to this route of this place is paramount. It is very closed to the Patna-Gaya-Dobhi Marg. It is easily accessible. You are a solo Traveller, So you can take a bus from anyplace or If you are with a group of 4-5 people, So, you can hire a car to reach at this place.

Top Hotels in Bodhgaya

First of all, I want to recommend you to visit some hotel booking site and see and choose the best hotel to stay here. You will see alot of options there.

Top 5 4-star hotels in bodhgaya

SL NoHotel nameRating out of 10Price (Rs)
1.Oaks Bodhgaya9.44923
2.Hotel Anand International9.23294
3.Bodhgaya Regency Hotel8.43272
4.Mahabodhi Hotel, Resort and convention center8.83530
5.The bodhi palace Resort8.03055
6.Hotel Siddhartha international7.82825

Top 5 3-star hotels in bodhgaya

Sl No Hotel NameRating out of 10Price (Rs)
1.Aaradhaya heritage Hotel8.81813
2.Hotal Bodh Vilas8.81620
3.Hotel Taj Darbar 8.82783
4.Hotel Budha Resort8.22718
5.Hotel delta international8.22261

Top 5 2-star hotels in Bodhgaya

SL NoHotel nameRating out of 10Price (Rs)
1.Hotel Embassy6.21900
2.Hotel Bodhi Residency5.22000
3.Nagina palace8.61570
4.Deep Hotel8.01167
5.Flagship G K palace6.21087
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