The Sher shah Suri tomb is situated in Sasaram, Rohtas which is one of the most visiting places in Bihar. It is also known as second Taj mahal of India. This tomb is commissioned by ser Shah Suri in 1542 and it’s construction work was completed after 3 months of death of Sher shah Suri 16 Aug 1545.

Who was Sher Shah Suri?

Sher Shah Suri was a great ruler, administrator and great warrior. He was born in Sasaram on 1472 and died in an accidental gun power in the fort of Kalinjar on 13 may 1545 AD. His childhood name was Farid Khan. He was the son of Hasan Khan, a jaghirdar of Sasaram in Bihar. Sher shah title was given for his bravery under Afghan Rule of Bihar. He was the founder of Shuri Dynasty after defeating the Mughal emperor Humayun in 1540.

History of Sher shah Suri tomb

Construction of this tomb was started when Sher Shah Suri was alive as well as the reign of his son Islam Shah and ended after 3 month of the death of Sher Shah Suri on August 16, 1545.

When tomb was built, it was the largest mausoleum in India.

Things that make this tomb unique?

  • A cold-water pond which covers the tomb of Sher Shah Suri.
  • Ayat of Kuran is written in Arabic language (inside).
  • Minars on the boundary of the tomb.
  • Selfie point( jharokha) to capture the beauty of surroundings.
  • Architecture of tomb

There is tomb in the middle of a huge pond spread over an area of 22 acres of land. It is 1130 feet in length from east to west and 865 feet in width from north to south.

Sher Shah Suri Tomb

It is known as Taj mahal of Bihar because of it’s beauty and architecture of this tomb and it’s surroundings. This tomb is an example of Indo-Islamic architecture, it was designed by the architect Mir Muhammad Aliwal Khan and built between 1540 and 1545 AD.

Tomb is in round shape and surrounded by a hexagonal base which is also fenced by square shape structure at the corner of the square base. There are four minars and some selfies point to capture the beauty of the tomb. This all architecture was made by Sandstone.

There is a big hall in the center of the tomb where many grave are and some texts of Aayat of Kuran are visible. Ceiling of the tomb is very attractive and round in shape which make visitors hypnotize.

Some places to visit near Sher shah Suri tomb


As we all are disconcerted to this hot weather. In summer season, people always want to explore a place to get rid of this hot climate and make a chill with friends and family. Sasaram is one of this kind of place because this place is blessed with many natural waterfalls.

There are some such types of places are mentioned below: –

  • ManjaharKund
  • Tutrahi Waterfalls
  • Dhua Kund
  • Moti Kund
  • Tons fall

There are some more location that can be explore in other than summer season.

  • Maa Tara Chandi Temple
  • Tomb of Hasan Khan Suri
  • Ganesh temple
  • Rohtasgarh fort
  • Tomb of Chandan Shaheed
  • Chaurasan Mandir
  • Tara Chandi Hill
  • Bhaluni Dham
  • Indra puri Dham
  • Shergarh
01Entry fee25₹ per adult
02Best time to visitWinter and Summer season
03TimingAll day (1000 AM to 0600 PM)
04FounderSher Shah Suri
05locationJ P Nagar, Rausa Road, Laxkariganj, Sasaram, Bihar, 821115

How to reach at Sher shah Suri tomb

Sasaram is well connected with any part of the India or world. As we know that this place was a birthplace of Sher shah Suri. So, it was well connected for that time.

By air

There are two airport that would be used. The name of that airport is Gaya international Airport, which is 112 km and Jay Prakash Narayan international Airport, Patna, which is 150 km from Sasaram.

Gaya international Airport is just 12 km from the main town of Gaya. After arriving here people can hire a taxi or utilize bus transport facility to reach at the Sher shah Suri tomb.

There is another Airport is jay Prakash Narayan Airport, Patna. It is 5 km from Patna junction and 5 km from ISBT. people can hire private taxi, book rail ticket or use bus service to reach at Sher shah Suri tomb.

By Train

Sasaram junction is well connected to Patna and Gaya. People can easily book train ticket and arrive at Sher shah Suri tomb.

By Road

Bus and car is the easiest and one of the fast medium to arrive at this location.

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