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Durga puja 2023 is very special for the Devotie, it is also known as Navratri or durgotsava or Shardotsava is an annual and very famous Hindu festival originated in the Indian subcontinent in which people do 9 days fast and worship of nine face of goddess Durga. It is celebrated because of Durga’s victory over Mahisha Sur.

It is celebrated all over the world by Hindu community, but kolkata durga puja is very popular. many states celebrate it with joy and happiness like Best Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Assan, Tripura, Odisha and Uttar Pradesh. It is also celebrated outside India like Nepal, Bangladesh, Shri Lanka.

Durga puja 2023

Durga puja is an old tradition of Hinduism, though its exact origins are unclear. some Manuscripts from the14th century provide the guidelines of Durga puja.

Durga puja in Kolkata has been inscribed on the intangible cultural Heritage list of UNESCO in Dec 2021.This place also make many record to make a beautiful Durga puja pandal. In this article we will discuss about Durga puja pandal in patna, ravan vadh

When and Why Durga puja is celebrated ?

Durga puja is celebrated twice in a year according to Hindu Calander, first Durga puja is celebrated in Chatra mash (Feb-Mar) and 2nd Durga puja is celebrated in the month of Ashvin (Sep-Oct).

In Durga puja, People also worshiped other deities of Hinduism such as Devi Laxmi (goddess of wealth and prosperity), Devi Shashwati (goddess of knowledge od music), Lord Ganesha (The god of good beginning) and lord Kartikeya (god of warfare).

It is celebrated for 9 days, and 10th days people do Ravan vadh. people believed that on 10th day of Navratri lord Rama killed Ravan and release Devi Sita from the land of Ravan Lanka. 10th day is also known as Vijaya Dashmi. The last day in Chaitra mash is the birth date of Lord Rama that’s why this day is known as Ram-Navmi.

Which nine Goddess are worshiped during Durgapuja ?

DaysGoddess Name
1st dayGoddess Shail Putri
2nd DayGoddess Brahmacharini
3rd DayGoddess Chandra Ghata
4th DayGoddess Kushmanda
5th DayGoddess Skand Mata
6th DayGoddess Katyayini
7th DayGoddess Kal Ratri
8th DayGoddess Maha Gauri
9th DayGoddess Siddhi Datri
9 Avatar of goddess Durga

How Durga puja is celebrated in Patna ?

Durga puja 2023

People of Bihar are celebrated Durga puja by two methods. First one, they do home worship of goddess Durga with installation of “Kalash” and The Second one, people make a big idol or statue of Devi Durga with installation of “Kalash” and Fix it at a place where other people easily access to do worship.

In ancient time, idol Devi Durga is visible for some places but now worshiping of goddess Durga at all nooks and corner of Patna. People become a volunteer to serve here for nine day and contribute his presence with full soul.

In 2023, There are many idol of Devi durga is established in Patna with different type of pandal with different theme.

Durga puja 2023

What are the special event in Patna to visit during Durga puja 2023 ?

  • Devi Durga idol
  • Decorated pandal on Unique theme
  • Ravan vadh
  • Garba night

First of all, I want to tell you that Patna is the city where every festival are celebrated with full of Joy and happiness. But the event in patna during durga puja make this festival very special.

These day Patna is decorated with flowers and colorful lights. People enjoy the lighting and prefer to wander all over the Patna’s Pandal that is decorated differently on unique theme. As i have discussed above many types of pandal is built on different location in Patna where people can visit during Durga puja.

Top 15 Durga puja pandal in Patna 2023

SL No.PlaceBudgetTheme
1.Sampat Chak, Patna30 lakhsAkshardham temple, Gujrat (90 feet)
2.Maharaj Ganj Patna25 lakhsChandra Yan 3(150 feet)
3.Income tax Chauraha20 lakhsRadha Krishna Temple, Odisha (70 feet)
4.Devi sthan, Rukunpura30 lakhsSt. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City (80feet)
5.Kalyan Samiti, Kadam Kua, Churi market20 lakhsEastern Gramin Society (80 feet)
6.Raja bazar khajpura, Patna20 lakhsDadiya Palace, Madhya Pradesh (80 feet)
7.Yuwa samiti, Kanka Bagh police chauki16 lakhsKotilingeshar mandir, Kolar, Karnataka (50 feet)
8.Nav yuvak Sangh samiti, Pir Mohani15 lakhsGufa temple, Kashmir (70 feet)
9.Ashok Nagar, Defense colony11 lakhsChandra yan 3 (20 feet)
10.Mahavir Nager, Beur10lakhsBrihadeshwer Temple, Tamil Nadu (30 feet)
11.Jagdev path12 lakhsAdi yogi with cave (16 feet)
12.Vijay wahini Samiti, Anandpuri12 lakhssoldiers on the lap of Devi Durga
13.Dak bangala Chauraha( Most crowded 20-25lakhs)60 lakhscolour full pandal (95 feet)
14.Boring road cahuraha(15-20lakhs)30 lakhsprem mandir, Brinda van (65 feet)
15.Shipara, Itwarpur (15-20lakhs)30 lakhsDwarka dhis temple (105 feet)
Durga puja pandal in Patna

Ravan vadh in Patna

It is believed that when Ravan kidnapped Devi Sita and keep it in Ashok Vatika. on this day Lord Rama Killed Ravan and bring Devi Sita to their Home. This day is celebrated as Vijaydashmi. Vijaydashmi is the 10th day of Durga puja and on this day, people make a big statue of Ravan, Kumbhkarna and Meghnath and Put it into fire in the evening of vijaydashmi.

In Patna, there is a Gandhi maidan near Patna junction. Here a big statue of Ravan, Kumbhkarna and Meghnath is made and put it in fire. As Gandhi maidan is a very big area but still people feel lack of space who visit here to watch Ravan Vadh.

Approx. 20 lakh people visit Gandhi maidan to watch this show and a lot of people didn’t get a chance to see this event. I am one of the Person who visit Patna to see Ravan vadh but because of heavy crowd, i was unable to see.

Here it’s solution to see this event is to reach earliest as much as possible. I went there at 1400 hrs. but i didn’t enter in the Gandhi maidan. So You have to go at least 1000 hrs. because people came Patna in the night to fix his place and his presence.

What is the time of Ravan Dahan 2023 in Patna ?

Ravan Dahan start time is 0400 pm. It will continue for 0500 pm and then people start to leave Gandhi maidan.

Garba night in Patna

This year Patna arrange a Garba night event in Patna club, where you can go with your family or with your friend. Many celebrities give their presence especially Most valuable singer Arjit Singh with many other celebrities. People can get a pass and enter in the garba night program.

My personal experience in Patna during Durga puja

I am from Patna so i can share more practical knowledge about patna. This all above mentioned information was collected on ground basis. So Trust me and do whatever i have written in it during Ravan dahan. That time crowd will be on the top so be careful. If you want any help pls contact to me or want to get more information just comment on this page. I will try to help you out.

These day Patna is decorated with flowers and light. It looks like, there is a marriage in every road. I like to wander in night because in morning time there is little hot weather and sweat will comes out that why i like night and another reason is to wander in the night is that we can see the beauty of light in the night.

How to visit Durga puja pandal in Patna ?

if you are in Patna or your relative lives in Patna. so, i recommend you to travel with bike because of Durga puja pandal there is no way for and cab or ricksha. But with bike you can easily move one place to another place without and difficulty.

If you are from out side of patna or you don’t hace any relatives in patna. You can use normal riksha or you can take a lift of local people. He will help you if you seek lift.Otherwise there is one more option is to walk by foot.

so, i want to suggest you, travel with less garment or light weight luggage.

For Ravan dahan, you just try to come early as much as possible, if you come early, you will very close to the event site otherwise you can understand. keep laughing and keep smiling.. Thank you ,

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