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Kankarbagh is a largest in area and second largest colony in Asia. Kankarbagh, which was founded in 1916, occupies a space of about 900 acres. It extends from Kumhrar in the east to Panch Shiv Mandir in the west. Now it is situated near Ganga river. It is the heart of patna and it is hub for medical and education of Bihar.

Now a day many shopping mall, Restaurants, Schools, Colleges, Hotel, Showrooms, temples and everything thing that is a requirement of a people is available here.This place is being crowded day by day. If You will ever come in Kankarbagh then this article is very beneficial for You .

today, in this article we will know each and every thing about kankarbagh.

Kankarbagh patna


The garden of stone

Visiting place in Kankarbagh patna

Kankarbagh, an alive and culturally diversified place in the center of Patna’s old city, invites both tourists and locals alike. This dynamic community has a certain appeal waiting to be explored with its blend of tradition and modernity. 

The “Hidden Gem of Patna,” Kankarbagh, offers an interesting trip through time where historical sites, local marketplaces, and tasty food come together to create a unique experience. Kankarbagh offers something unique to offer, whether you’re a history enthusiastic a foodie looking for culinary treats, or just an adventurous looking to experience a city’s energy.

The  Kankarbagh, patna is noteworthy and distinguished by the following special qualities:

1.Strategic Location: 

Kankarbagh patna

Kankarbagh is a hub for many activities because of its strategic location within Patna. It is easily accessible from other areas of the city, making it a useful starting point for both locals and visitors.

First of all, it is very ancient and largest colony. People came here to earn money because A large no of Job vacancies is available here. No matter you are from which background and came from which society. You will get job, in whichever You are trained.

It’s locations is very near to Bus stand , Railway station. and Airport that’s why people like to stay here.

All person want to live a healthy life. So they want to live in the area where he could access hospital easily for any unwanted situations. This is the reason why people attracts toward Kankarbagh.

Doctor’s colony is a colony in Kankarbagh where alot of doctors made their hme and live here, that’s why it’s became a medical hub. Approx 50% doctor’s of patna own their home in this area.

2.Historical Significance: 

Kankarbagh has a rich history and is home to a number of historical sites that showcase its rich cultural heritage. It offers a peek into Patna’s past and its significance in Bihar’s historical narrative.

Temples in Kankarbagh

As we know that, now a day people’s believes in God is increasing day by day and Bihar Is in top. In this area, people are urgely want to worship God. So many famous temples of different god are located in this society.

  • Panch siv temple, Main road
  • Hanuman temple, Hanuman nagar
  • Sani dev temple , main road
  • Sai temple, main road
  • Kali temple, Hanuman nagar
  • Durga temple , Hanuman nagar road

National stadium

First thing is, In ancient day, people believe that only study can change the life of people but now a day, young generation show his interest in sport’s that why government of Bihar open some stadium to enhance their skill.

Second importance of this ground is that people who is preparing for Bihar daroga, police Indian army and other forces who like to do their workout here and achieve their goal.These are some ground where people want to do exercises:-

  • Gandhi maidan
  • Patliputra stadium
  • moin-ul-haq stadium
  • Football ground

3.Economic Activity: 

The commercial and economic hub of Patna is Kankarbagh. It is the location of a large number of enterprises, stores, and markets that greatly boost the local economy.

shoping complex in Kankarbagh :-

  • Zudio
  • Trends
  • Gravity Mall
  • Patna Bazar
  • NS Mall
  • Pantaloons
  • Atlanta
  • Vishal mega Mart
  • Infinity mall 

inspite of these, there are many local shop or show-room to purchase daily needs.

vegetable market :-

people always want to eat healthy diet and green vegetables for being a healthy one but it couldn’t happen. The reason is, they didn’t get the food and green and fresh vegetables.

This good great things of this place for carrying a health human is, it is surrounded by many rural area and Kankarbagh is a main source of income of farmers who harvest their fruits and vegetables in village and sell it in Town.

The another reason, why that farmer attracts toward Kankarbag is population.As we known people want to live in a society where everything is available and This place is one of them.

Vegetable market always starts in the evening and different types of vegetables available here in reasonable rate.

These are some vegetables markets.

  • Hanuman nagar sabji mandi
  • Kankarbagh tempo stand sabji mandi
  • Rajendra nagar sabji mandi 
  • Kemnichak sabji mandi

4. Hub for education:

Kankarbagh is well known for housing prominent educational institutions mainly in sachiwalaya colony. making it a significant location for learning. Its reputation as a center for education is strengthened by the existence of schools, colleges and coaching facilities like :-


  • Nift
  • B.D Public school
  • Litra valley school
  • Holi mission secondary school
  • New Era public school
  • Ishan international
  • Patna Central school
  • College of commerce
  • T.P.S collage
  • Dwarka college
  • Ravindra balika school

5. Healthcare Facilities:

The area is well-equipped with hospitals and clinics as well as other medical facilities, ensuring that locals have access to high-quality.

Best hospitals in kankarbagh :-

  •  Jay prabha Medanta super speciallity hospital
  • Shree sai hospital
  • Shree Ram hospital
  • Ford hospital-
  • Patna Central hospital
  • jiwak heart hospital
  • Siva hospital
  • Sanjivani hospital
  • Astha lok hospital and more…

6.Residential Hub:

Kankarbagh offers a variety of housing options to suit different income levels. A convenient way of living can be found in its residential areas like:-

  • P C Colony
  • Rajendra nagar
  • Hanuman nagar
  • Malahi pakri
  • Sachivalaya colony
  • Munna chak
  • Ashok nagar
  • K sector
  • Vijay nagar

7.Green Spaces:

Despite having an urban feel, Kankerbagh retains green areas and parks where locals are able to relax and revitalize, which further improve its unique vibe.

Best Park in kankarbagh:-

  • Siva ji park
  • Hanuman nagar park
  • sachiwalaya park
  • lohiya park
  • K sector park
  • Chandra shekhar park
  • Lic colony park
  • Chitragupta nagar park
  • Amrit yojna park

8.Culinary Delights:

Kankarbagh’s indigenous food culture is vibrant, diverse, and offers a variety of delicious dishes. Both locals and visitors may find something to please their palates, from street food to upscale dining. As I have told you, litti-chokha is a famous dishes and very popular in every corners of Bihar.

personally litti-chokha is a dish which is liked by old generation especially in rural area, it is cooked on dung cake and there is no need of any cutlery to made it. People of Bihar love to eat it.

you will see, 3 stall out of 10 is of Litti chokha in Kankarbagh. Apart of this, there are many street food is famous in kankarbagh like :-

  • Chaumin
  • momos
  • Egg roll
  • Gol-gappa
  • jhal-murhi
  • batata-puri
  • Samosha
  • Jalebi
  • manchrian
  • and at last all person’s favourite tea

Best restaurants in kankarbagh:-

  • Four season restaurent.
  • Vani’s kitchen
  • Madhuram restaurant.
  • The Table restaurent 
  • Down town cafe 
  • Zaika restaurant
  • Momo nation cafe
  • Well food restaurant
  • Harilal’s 
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • Kfc
  • Champaran meat house

9.Community Spirit: 

Kankarbagh has a strong sense of belonging and community. A strong sense of community is encouraged through the frequent participation of residents in cultural activities, charitable endeavors, and festive occasions.

In essence, Kankarbagh, Patna, is a complex community with a unique combination of tradition and modernity, historical significance, cultural diversity, and economic aliveness.

In Patna, Bihar, Kankarbagh is a community with a lengthy and rich history. Despite the lack of precise historical records, the following historical events are important:

10.Ancient origins:

Kankarbagh and the area surrounding modern-day Patna have origins that date back to the Magadh region. Due to its strategic location along trade routes and its ties to multiple empires, this region has historically been important.

Kankarbagh and its surrounds were a part of the Magadh Empire, one of the most famous and powerful kingdoms in prehistoric India. Renowned rulers and intellectuals like Ashoka the Great and Chanakya lived in Magadh.

Colonial Period: Patna and its surrounding areas, especially Kankerbagh, participated in regional governance and trade throughout the British colonial era. In Patna, the British built infrastructure and administrative buildings.

11.Independence Movement:

The Patna region, which included Kankerbagh, had a prominent part in the nation’s struggle to end British control. The freedom movement included a large number of local leaders and activists.

12.Post-independence Development: 

Like the rest of Patna, This place witnessed incredible urbanization and growth following India’s 1947 declaration of independence. It experienced transformation, becoming an active town with upgraded facilities and services.

Cultural Heritage: The Patna region as a whole, including Kankerbagh, has a rich cultural history. This includes inherited traditional music, dance, and festivals as well as traditional art forms.

13.Architectural Landmarks:

It’s historical component may also be seen in some of its landmark buildings, such as old temples, mosques, and colonial-era structures that provide a window into its history.

14.Heritage in Education and Literature: 

Patna, including Kankarbagh, has long been a hub for Bihar’s education and literature. It is linked to numerous illustrious academics, poets, and authors who have added to the state’s cultural heritage.

While Kankarbagh’s history may not be as well known as that of some other ancient Indian cities, it is nonetheless integrally related to that of the Magadh region and the development current Patna. It still plays a crucial role in the development of the city’s history and culture.

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