Yelagiri Travel Guide


Yelagiri, Tamilnadu, Bangalore, Chennai, Punganoor Lake, Mughal Garden, Velvan Temple, Lord Murugan, Gadothgajan, Swamimalai, Mangalam village, Javadi Hills, Palamathi Hills, Jalagamparai Waterfalls, Karnataka, Jolarpet Junction
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Yelagiri Travel Guide

A weekend getaway to Yelagiri is a must if you need a small vacation to get away from tight schedules and office meetings. A trip here takes away all the stress and rejuvenates you completely. Silence and peace are the two most important virtues of Yelagiri and is the reason for its popularity. Yelagiri offers spectacular sceneries and rustic villages which still retain their original charm and it being one of the least polluted places makes it an ideal holiday destination.

Yelagiri can be accessed from either Bangalore or Chennai. If you decide to drive to Yelagiri, then enjoy the unique hair pin bends that wind through the hills in addition to the breathtaking scenery all around.

Attractions in Yelagiri

The main attraction in Yelagiri is the Punganoor Lake which though is an artificial lake, no limitations can be found in the seemingly endless beauty of the blue waters. A rowboat or a pedal boat is found here so that the tourists can spend some blissful time with the birds and the fishes. A Mughal Garden is also found near the lake, apart from the picturesque surroundings. A play ground with interesting play equipment for kids can be found too.

Another must visit is the famous Velvan Temple which is dedicated to Lord Murugan and is situated on the top of a hillock. A giant statue of Gadothgajan is present in the front of the Temple. The month of July - August is the time when local festivals are celebrated here with pomp and gaiety. The entire place comes alive with a beautiful blend of colors and culture.

The Swamimalai Hill is another popular sightseeing destination in Yelagiri. This is an ideal spot for trekking and picnics. Often trekkers have to traverse through dense forests to arrive at the top of the hill and a lot adventure spirit can be seen here. Tourists, traveling by road have to drive through the beautiful and serene Mangalam village that also has a lovely lotus pond. Other smaller peaks like Javadi Hills and Palamathi Hills are also open for trekking.

Situated just 5 kilometers from Yelagiri is the magnificent Jalagamparai Waterfalls which is created by the Attaru River that flows through the Yelagiri Hills. Mulberry plantations are very popular in the government silk farm situated here. Tourists can take a sericulture tour and they will get to see the silk farm from close quarters.

Best Season to Visit

The time just before the monsoons is the ideal season to visit this little town. Months of July-August are an ideal time since the local festivals are celebrated at around the same time which one cannot miss.

How to get here

Yelagiri is accessible from both Chennai in Tamilnadu as well as Bangalore in Karnataka. When traveled by road, it takes about 4 to 5 hours to reach Yelagiri and both Bangalore and Chennai are well connected by good roads. If you want to take a train, then you have to reach the Jolarpet Junction and hire a cab or take a bus to Yelagiri. Car rentals are also available.

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