Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary Travel Guide


Vedanthangal bird sanctuary, Vedanthangal, Chennai, Chengalpattu, Tambaram, Australia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka
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Home » Tamilnadu Tourist Destinations » Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary

Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary Travel Guide

Vedanthangal is one of the oldest water bird sanctuaries in India. This sanctuary has been in existence for more than 200 years. Vedanthangal bird sanctuary is located at about 86 km from Chennai. The sanctuary spreads across 72 acres of swampy land. The term 'Vedanthangal' is derived from the Tamil language and it means 'place of the hunter'. Some 300 years ago, days this area was the favorite hunting spot for the local landlords. This small sanctuary is the perfect place to walk and spot birds in their natural habitat. There are two watch towers from where you can watch the birds.

The vegetation, the lake and the peaceful ambience attracts birds and make them to stay in this place. The region remains crowded with water and other kind of birds. The polls remains dotted with water fowls and ducks. The sanctuary was established by the British government in the year 1798 to protect these birds from being extinct.

The sanctuary is an amazing place to be in, especially during the Sunset, as you can spot thousands of birds returning to their nests and dotting trees. You can spot several species of birds of which most of them are migratory. The trees are spotted with abundant nests, which contain little chicks and eggs. It is interesting to note that the villagers protect the birds with the same passion, which their forefathers had shown. They avoid any noisy activity near the bird sanctuary

Vedanthangal sanctuary serves as a nesting home for many species of water birds. Egrets, Grey Heron, Open-billed Stork, Darter, Spoonbill, White Ibis, Night Herons, Grebes, Grey Pelican, Dabchicks, Pintail ducks and Cormorants are some of the breeding birds that visit the sanctuary.

Birds like Coots, Moorhen and Terns are some of the resident birds in this sanctuary. It is estimated that about 7000 birds are roosting here. Nearly 115 species of birds are said to be found in this sanctuary.

Vedanthangal is one of the most spectacular breeding grounds for migratory birds in India. Some of the migratory birds travel thousands of miles all the way from Siberia to avoid the biting cold. Other migratory birds come from Australia, Pakistan and Sri Lankan countries. This sanctuary is particularly known for migratory birds, including Garganey, Teals, Shovellers, Pintails, Stills and Sandpiper among others

The birds nest here mainly from the months of November to February. As summer sets in by the month of March, the water in the tank begins to dry. The chicks also become big and strong enough to fly out. They join the other migratory birds. The increasing pollution in the area has led to sharp dip in the number of birds visiting the sanctuary. Besides, Vedanthangal bird sanctuary suffers from neglect and lack of maintenance

How to get there

One can reach Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary by air; the nearest airport is Chennai, which is 86 km away.

By rail the nearest railway station is in Chengalpattu, which is 30 Km away, and regular bus services are available from Chennai, Tambaram, and Chengalpattu.

Accommodation is available at the Forest Department Rest House or Hotel Tamilnadu of the Tamilnadu Tourism Development Corporation. Reservations for the rest house should be made at the Chennai office before hand.

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