Varkala, Kerala


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Varkala, Kerala

Varkala is one of the main tourist destinations in Kerala. Varkala is a small town which is situated to 55 km north of Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala. It is less easily reachable spot, but once you reach there you will get reward for your extra effort.

Varkala is full of high red rocks and surrounded by coconut trees, unspoiled sea with good waves and beaches. Varkala gives you a wonderful sight of the Arabian Sea Coastline.

Major attractions

Varkala is the only place in southern part of Kerala where one can find cliffs adjacent to the Arabian sea. This sedimentary formation cliffs are a unique geological feature in the otherwise flat Kerala coast, and is known among geologists as Varkala Formation and a geological monument as declared by the Geological survey of India. There are numerous water spouts and spas on the sides of these cliffs.

Varkala is also famous for its 3,500 year old Janardanaswamy temple, which is an important temple in India and is rewarded as Dakshin Kashi . This ancient temple is located close to the Papanasam beach. The temple has an ancient bell which is removed from a ship and donated by the captain of the Dutch vessel, which sank near Varkala without causing any casualties.

Papanasam beach is a perfect place to watch the sunset or relax gazing at the horizon. The area is covered with coconut palms. The area will be covered by small restaurants that mushroom during the season.

Papanasam is important pilgrimagious spot for Hindus. It is in the Papanasam Sea that many Hindus come here to drain the mortal remains of their dead relatives. It is considered as a sacred act by the Hindus, consigning the mortal remains of the dead relatives in the waters of a pilgrim centre. Papanasam is also considered as a holy spot which washes away sins by Hindu methodology.

An important Ayurveda treatment centre is also located in Papanasam. The District Ayurvedic Hospital is also located in Varkala.

A nature cure center located near Varakala Beach or Papanasam beach is an another popular attraction that you can visit in Varkala.

The landmark hill-top mausoleum of Narayana Guru is an another major landmark in Varkala. Sivagiri Mutt, established by the great social reformer Sree Narayana Guru who taught the world the famous slogan "One caste, One religion, One god for the people". The hill-top mausoleum of Sree Narayana Guru is one of the most famous monuments in Kerala. In the adjacent hills, situated the East-West University of Brahmavidya and Sree Narayana Gurukulam.

Another major attraction in Varkala is The Kaduvayil Thangal Dargah. It is another popular local pilgrim site for people, irrespective of religion. People of all caste and creed visit this place to get the blessings of Kaduvayil Thangal, who is a sacred muslim saint.

Another important feature of Varkala is the now dilapidated Varkala Tunnel, which is a part of the TS Canal, which was an important waterway during pre-independence times.

Nearby Attractions

Veli Tourist Village - 63 km
Kovalam - 69 km
Neyyar Dam - 87 km
Trivandrum City - 55 km
Kanyakumari - 125 km

How to get there:

Nearest Airport: Varkala is 55 km away from the Trivandrum International Air Port.

Nearest Railhead: Varkala railway station in Varkala is an important rail head of the Southern Railway and is well linked to major towns up country.

By road: Varkala is with in the Trivandrum, the capital City of Kerala is easily accessible by road.

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