Tirunelveli Travel guide


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Tirunelveli Travel guide

Tirunelveli is one of the biggest cities of Tamilnadu. Tirunelveli is semi urban and the district headquarters of the Tirunelveli district. The city has proved itself over time as its history goes back to 1000 BC.

The ongoing archaeological excavations have a lot say about Tirunelveli and its history. The findings include an urn which dates back 500 BC. containing a complete human skeleton. Many other ancient urns have also been found. The discovery of habitat ional site of the Iron Age people has been excavated recently. The city named Adichanallur has been announced as an archeological site for further excavation. Tirunelveli is also surrounded by fertile paddy fields and is irrigated by the river Tamirabarani.

Coming to the historical background, Tirunelveli first came into prominence under the rule of Kings of Pandya. Tirunelveli is an important town when it was ruled by Arcot Nawabs and Nayaks, it was flourished as a commercial town. It was annexed in 1801, by the British. The town came to be known as Tinnevely by the British. After Independence, Tirunelveli got its name back and grew with its twin city Palayamkottai. Halwa, wheat based sweet is very famous here and people visiting this place cannot miss out on it.

Climate: The climate of Tirunelveli is usually hot and humid. Rains are very frequent and mainly focused in the monsoon season between October and December.

Places to Visit:

Nellaiappar Temple
Nellaiappar Temple is one of the most beautiful temples in the state and is very famous. Located at the centre of the city, it is the largest Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Nellaiappar Temple is well known for the magnificent sculptures and tradition, culture emanating from this Temple. There are two Gopurams which can be viewed from afar.

The Temple in itself is a collection of rare jewels, golden lily tank, musical pillars and the hall of a thousand pillars. The Temple took almost 250 years to be built from 700 A.D to 950 A.D. This Temple is dedicated to both Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi, believed to be the magnificent work of Pandayan kings. A secret tunnel for secret mission, connecting Tirunelveli and Madurai, is believed to have been constructed here. A human powered, third largest Temple Car, weighing about 400 tons belongs to this exquisite Temple.

Sri Masana Sudalai Swami Temple
This Temple is an ancient but highly reputed situated in Vagaikulam Karai.

Sri Varadharaja Perumal Temple
It is situated in Tirunelveli junction. This temple is also an ancient, but highly reputed temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Sri Varadharaja Perumal Temple lies on the banks of the Thamirabarani River and is a very good excuse to visit this Temple.

How to get there

Nearest Airport: The nearest airport is the Tuticorn Airport at Vaagaikulam, which is at a distance of 22 km from this town.

Nearest Railhead: The railway station in Tirunelveli town is one of the busiest and most important one in Tamilnadu. The station is well equipped with computerized ticket booking and information about status of trains.

Road: Tirunelveli is well connected by road network. The National Highways connecting Madurai, Kanyakumari, and Palayamkottai pass through this town. The main bus stop is located in Veinthaankulam. Buses ply to and from outside states.

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