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Located in the Kurnool district, Andhra Pradesh, India, Srisailam is a holy town situated in Nallamala hills. Srisailam is situated on the banks of the river Krishna which is 232 km south of Hyderabad. A temple devoted to Lord Mallikarjuna Swamy and Bhramaramba is located here which is very popular. Irrigation and the power needs of the state are satisfied by a multipurpose dam which has been built across River Krishna. Located about 245 km from Hyderabad and 132 km from Nandyal the dam is a picturesque place and has become a tourist spot.

The origins of this temple have been lost to the distant past. The origin of the place is mentioned in a chapter called Srisaila Kandam in the Skanda Purana (an epic). Many saints hailing from Tamil Nadu have sung praises of this temple in the past millenia. Sivananda Lahiri is said to have been composed by Adi Sankara when he visited this temple.

Lord Shiva's sacred bull Vrishabha is said to have performed atonement here at the Mahakali temple till Shiva and Parvati appeared before him in the form of Mallikarjuna and Brahmaramba. One of the 12 hallowed jyotirlingas is said to be present in this temple. According to the lore, Lord Rama himself placed the Sahasralinga, while the Pandavas lodged the Panchapandava lingas in the temple courtyard.

The temple walls are covered with sculptures of heroic legends from the Mahabharata and Ramayana. Srisailam is referred to as Sri Parvata - the blessed hill in the great epic Mahabharatha. The buzzing of a bee can be heard through a tiny hole in the Brahmaramba temple, where it is believed that goddess Parvati, in the form of a bee, slew the demon Mahisasura. It forms one of the holiest places in the sacred country of India.

The length of the Srisailam Dam is about 512 m long on the Krishna River and the scenery around is picturesque and offers fresh crisp air straight from the ghats. Around this dam you can also find cliffs, craggy ridges, plateaus and dense forests. It has twelve crest gates to hold a maximum water level of 885 ft (270 m).

Srisailam Sanctuary

One of the largest Tiger Reserves in India is found here in Srisailam. The sanctuary covers an area of 3568 km2. The terrain of the tiger reserve is rugged and the area is surrounded by winding gorges. Dry deciduous forests, shrubs and bamboo thickets envelop the whole area.

A wide range of animals like the tiger, leopard, deer, sloth bear, hyena, jungle cat, palm civet, bonnet macaque and pangolin live peacefully in this forest.

The sacred Hill of Srisailam has four GATE WAYS in the four cardinal directions -

Tripuranthakam: This is towards the east in Prakasam District where the God Tripuranthakeswara Swamy and Goddess Tripurasundari Devi are Presiding Deities.

Siddhavatam: This is towards the south on the bank of the river Penna in Kadapa District where Jyothisideswara Swamy and Goddess Kamakshi Devi are the presiding Deities.

Alampur: This is towards the west on the banks of the river Tungabhadra in Mahaboobnagar District where Navabrahma Alayas - A group of nine temples of Chalukya period are situated. This Kshetram is also the seat of Goddess Jogulamba, the one of the Eighteen Mahasakthis.

Umamaheswaram: This is towards the north of Rangapur, Achampet, Mahaboobnagar District where God Umamaheswara Swamy and Goddess Umamaheswari Devi are the presiding deities.

How to get there

Nearest Airport: The nearest airport is located at Hyderabad from which international flights ply on a daily basis.

Nearest Railhead: Markapur has the nearest railway stations which is on the Guntur-Hubli Section and Kurnool.

Road: Srisailam can be reached by road from Hyderabad, which is a pleasant journey through the picturesque Nallamala Hills. Srisailam is just 85 km from Markapur is well connected by buses from various Places like Vijayawada, Guntur, Bangalore, Hyderabad.

By Car: Srisailam is a breathtaking drive from Hyderabad which gets easier if we follow the directions carefully at places. The journey is enjoyable and well worth the effort.

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