Shirdi Saibaba Temple


Shirdi, Shirdi Saibaba shrine, Maharashtra, Kopargam taluk, Ahmadnagar, Dwarkamai Temple, Lendi Baug, Gurusthan, Chawadi, Gurusthan Temple , Khandoba Temple ,Tatya Kote Samadhi , Samadhi of Abdulbaba , Bhau Kumbar's Samadhi
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Shirdi Saibaba Temple

The Shirdi Saibaba shrine is situated at Shirdi in Maharashtra state creates a center of attention to millions of devotees of all religious convictions, castes and creed who approach to give respect to Shri Sai Baba.

This place of worship is a beautiful temple that was built over the commemorative of Shri Sai Baba. Shirdi is a small rural community in Kopargam taluk, in Ahmadnagar District of the Maharastra State. When this great personality was in the flesh present at the age of 20 in Shirdi, it was a petite village of 80 small houses with sludge walls. But at present it is a big municipality with impressive up-to-the-minute constructions and retails. Thursday is the day Saibaba is expressly worshipped. On this day aficionados of sai baba from all over India visit Shirdi for Darshan of Saibaba. The Temple opens for devotees at 5.15 a.m. (0515 hrs) with Kakad Aarti and remains open till the end of Shejarti.

Dwarkamai Temple: This is the situate where Shri Sai Baba used to spend most of his time. All the possessions since His instance are tranquillizingly kept as they were used to. It comprises, Dhuni (lighted by Shri Sai Baba), Chulha (clay stove), Bathing Stone, Jata (Grinding Stone), and the stone on which Baba used to sit.

Lendi Baug: Baba used to saunter every day at this consign - of impenetrable vegetation and shrubbery. Baba used to get nearer here to up his feet and seclusion. Baba himself had sown a "Pimpal Tree" at this place. A gorgeous "Datta Temple" is positioned here. "Baba's Shiwadi"(a well) is also situated in this situate. A blaze named Nandadeep is kept lightened all the time, near the "Pimpal Tree".

Gurusthan: This position of Shri Sai Baba's leader is well-known as "Gurusthan". Sai Baba at the period of 16 was seen here initially. The well recognized "Neem Tree" can also be noticed here. It is assumed that, the disciples can get what they pray for if "Udi" and "Agarbatti" is blanched at this place, every Thursday and Friday.

Chawadi: The consign subsequent to Dwarkamai is Chawadi where Baba used to nap on every second night. The cot and chair, used by Shri Sai Baba are kept here. Some more holy places which are also sited in the Samadhi Temple's location and ought to visit are like Shri Ganesh, Shri Mahadev Mandir and Shri Shani .Maruti Temple was one of the desired temples of Sai Baba as he regularly visits this temple.

Some important Temples in Shirdi are Gurusthan Temple , Khandoba Temple ,Tatya Kote Samadhi , Samadhi of Abdulbaba , Bhau Kumbar's Samadhi

Best time to visit Shirdi: June to August (Monsoons)

How to reach Shirdi:

Nearest Airport: The nearest airport to Shirdi is at Nashik which is about 75 km away; Aurangabad is at a distance of 150 km, which is connected by all the major towns of India. One can also come till Mumbai by air and then travel down 295 km to reach Shirdi. Domestic airport in Pune is located at a distance of 231 km from Shirdi.

Nearest Railhead: Kopergaon on Daund-Manmad Line is an important railway station located at a distance of 16 km from Shirdi. This station is on the route of the Karnataka Express from New Delhi to Bangalore. Manmad is another important station which is about 58 km from Shirdi which carries a number trains from Mumbai and Delhi.

Road: Shirdi is well connected by roads. Shirdi can be reached by taking a Bus from almost all major cities of Maharashtra.

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