Ranipuram, Kerala


Ranipuram, Kasargod, Kerala, Kanhangad, Panathoor road, Panathady, Bhagamandala forest range, Madathumala, Kottayam, Theyyam dance, Ranipuram Wildlife sanctuary, Anandasram, Valiyaparamba, Mangalore
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Ranipuram, Kerala

Ranipuram is a small place located within Kasargod district in Kerala state. Ranipuram is located about 48 km east of Kanhangad on the Panathoor road branching off at Panathady and lies 750 m above sea level bordering to the Bhagamandala forest range.

This beautiful land previously known as Madathumala are not only covered with vast grasslands, monsoon forests but also known for its trekking trails.

Elephants can be seen on the mountains of Ranipuram which migrate from the forests adjacent to Bhagamandala forest range in Karnataka.

In 1970 Catholic diocese of Kottayam from the Kandoth family who were the local landlords of this place named it has Ranipuram the name of the virgin mother. The Theyyam dance which colours the green mountains is the traditional dance to please the mother goddess

There are two trekking routes available through the Western Ghats, which also has steps to climb and once the hilltop is reached one can have good view of the hill stretch and the Arabian Sea.

This is an unexplored territory has a vast number of species, About 100 species of butterflies including sword tail, forest nymph, Malabar bird wing etc. Elephants, Leopards ,Wild Bison, Wild Dogs, Mangoose, Pangoline, Jungle Cats, Malabar Giant Squirrels, Flying Squirrels, Fox, Porcupine, Bonnet Macaques, Langur, Leopard Cats, Deer, Wild Boar, slender Loris, Hares, Squirrels, Bats are seen in this forest.

About 200 species of birds mainly Great Indian Horn Bill, Paradise Flying Catcher, green Barbet, Peacock, Trogon, Wood Pigeon, Malabar Grey Horn Bill, white bellied Tree Pie, heart spotted Wood Pecker etc., and a number of insects and spiders are also found.

Ranipuram forest will be soon declared has Ranipuram Wildlife sanctuary, because, it can protect and maintain the overall biodiversity of the area in a better way.

Near by tourist attraction is Anandasram which is an internationally popular spiritual centre founded by Swami Ramdas in 1939, it offers a calm, peaceful environment best suited for meditation and spiritual studies. The famous Bekal Fort and Valiyaparamba backwaters are other attractions.

How to get there:

Nearest Airport: The nearest airport is in Mangalore around 130 km which is in Karnataka state.

Nearest Railhead: The nearest railway station is located at Kasargod, about 70 km which lies on he national high way.

By road: Ranipuram is well connected by road network.

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