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Pune is a city that is situated in the state of Maharashtra in western part of India. With a populace of four and a half million people, it is the eighth biggest metropolis of India. Pune is positioned at convergence point of the Mula and Mutha waterways. You will locate that haulage, including air, rail, and road is available from Pune to the other chief municipalities in India. Pune is known as "Oxford of the East," since it has quite a lot of known and able-bodied colleges.

Pune city is a key business center, escalating swiftly by the time. Pune is recognized as the "automobile city," for the reason that it includes a number of dissimilar vehicle producers. A part of "Tata motors", makers of India's prime passenger cars and commercial automobiles, is to be found in the bounds of Pune. Daimler Chrysler also has a congregation row for its Mercedes Benz in Pune. Of course, the manufacturers in Pune are not restricted to automobiles. Coca Cola and Frito Lay also have mechanized strategies in the city of Pune.

The city of Pune embraces many great features of the Indian history. Pune is dwelling to lots of people who love to devour. You will find diversity in foods here, ranging from sweets to spices. Pune has a bit to present everyone, and you are clear to discover a venture after you visit here.

Places around Pune

Pune is exclusively placed amidst a crowd of valley stations, celebration resorts, picnic flee, spiritual places and forts of the yore. The requirement for rapid calm getaways for Punekars is necessary in the swift speeded, traffic wedged life in the urban areas. The old peaceful city of education has become a supreme engineering center with a number of IT giants and business houses setting up stores in the Pune suburbs.

Lonawala and Khandala: The cities like Delhi and Kolkata have far less traffic on the roads all through weekends but Pune discovers a naturally dissimilar traffic on weekends. This traffic is bound towards several getaways particularly the hill stations in the region of Pune. The closest are Lonavala and Khandala, just about 40 miles from Pune on the old Pune-Mumbai main road. The place is well-known for a home sweet called Chikki.

There are a number of well-designed dams in the company of large water storages; various boating activity is also allowed. Few attractive seats to tour are the Echo Point at Vaghdari, Gambhirnath Caves, the hike of Khandala Dari and an inquisitive rock structure at Nagphani.

Mahabaleshwar: The most important of Maharashtrian hill stations is Mahabaleshwar just about 90 miles from Pune. The place was customary as a fitness resort by the British in 1829 and has urbanized into an action crammed hill station. It has go-carting, slot machines, billiards and pool tables, video games for kids, boating and even horse riding. Mahabaleshwar is a place for a hassle-free vacation, when the time also ticks by reluctantly. Few magnetizing places are Venna Lake, Wilson Point, Helen's Point, Arthur's Seat and a few recurring falls which are not titanic but located in striking settings near Venna.

Panchgani: The most legendary Bollywood shooting site in the midst of vast slab land, the Panchgani delight; essentially this is the biggest table land in the South East Asian expanse. Panchgani is also well-known for a few functional boarding schools, many of them gratify to the kids of prosperous and well-known. Most likely the healthy weather of the neighborhood encouraged these entrepreneurs to open boarding schools here. The place has a tranquilizing, old, worldly attraction fixed in each street. Few noteworthy magnetizers are the Devil's Kitchen, Sidney Point, Harrison's valley point, Dhom Dam and Parsi Point.

Matheran: Just 85 miles from Pune is a pure, contamination liberated hill station and mainly appreciated one by environment lovers, trekkers and honeymooners. The place is extraordinary because you will have to stroll a lot here; motor vehicles are not permissible away from a point. You will find ponies, horses and man pulled stagecoaches if you do not propose to walk. Sharlott lake, Panorama Point, Porcupine Point and the train voyage from Neral to Matheran are not to be neglected when in Matheran.

These are few of the interesting places around Pune. Other notable ones are Sinhagad, Baneshwar, Bhimashankar, Malshej Ghat, Bedse Caves, Saswad, Alandi within a hundred miles from Pune. If you are willing to go another hundred then you can visit some famous religious sites of Maharashtra; Shirdi the famous Shrine of Sai Baba, Nandgaon, and Shani Shinganapur.

Best time to visit: Pune shows idealism to its tourists and visitors all round the year. And has a very pleasant climate which suits people from all walks of life.

How to get there:

Nearest Airport: Pune International Airport is an international airport at Lohegaon, operated by the Airports Authority of India. It shares its runways with the neighboring Indian Air Force base, the only one of its kind in the world.

Nearest Railhead: The city has two railway stations, one in the city and the other at Shivajinagar.

Road: Pune is well connected to other cities by National highways and state highways. National Highway 4 connects Pune to Mumbai and Bangalore, National Highway 9 Connects Pune to Solapur and Hyderabad, and NH 50 to Nashik. State highways connect Pune to Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, and Alandi.

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