Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala


Peppara, Peppara Dam, Peppara Wild life Sanctuary, Thiruvananthapuram, Nedumangad, Karamana River, Kottoor reserve, Kuthiramalika Palace Museum, Priyadarshini Planetarium, Attukal Temple
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Home » Kerala Tourism » Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary

Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala

Peppara is popular for the Peppara Dam and the Peppara Wild life Sanctuary. Peppara is located at a distance of 30 km from Thiruvananthapuram city. The catchment area of Peppara dam built across Karamana River, which is mainly used to supply drinking water to Thiruvananthapuram city. The suburban area around Peppara forms the forests of Peppara National Park. It was declared as wildlife sanctuary in 1983. The forest is full of flora and fauna and the journey to this place will always ten times worth to the visitor.

Major Attractions of Peppara

Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary consists a part of Palode reserve and part of Kottoor reserve. The total area of the sanctuary is about 54 sq km. The total water spread of the reservoir is 5.82 sq km.

Peppara Wildlife sanctuary is located about 50 km north-east of Thiruvananthapuram city in Nedumangad Taluk of Thiruvananthapuram district. Climate and Rainfall are similar to Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary.

The animals in Peppara wildlife sanctuary include tigers, elephants, leopards, wild boars, lions, sambar, the barking deer, panthers, the Malabar squirrels, lion-tailed macaque, wild dogs, Nilgiri langur, gaurs, panthers, king cobras, pythons and others. It's a thrilling experience of wildlife tour in the Peppara National Park.

Birds at the Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala contributes to a great deal in adding a lively touch to the dense green hilly territory that supports wildlife like tigers, leopards and panthers.

Peppara wildlife sanctuary also houses spot birds like the cormorant, pied kingfisher, darters, black-bellied terns, spoonbills, ducks, geese, pheasants, little spider hunters, frogmouths, quails, jacanas, plovers, curlews, gulls, sandgrouse, parrots, trogons, kingfishers, warblers, hoopoes, bee-eaters, rollers, larks, woodpeckers, barbets, swallows and other birds. By taking a journey to the Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary you can also enjoys the sight of these birds.

After watching all this amazing things if you move towards the southern part of Peppara you'll come across moist mixed deciduous vegetation. The plantations and rolling grasslands makes Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary, a picturesque spot.

The Following major forest types are recognized in the Peppara wildlife sanctuary.

1. Southern hilltop tropical evergreen: This type of forest is of stunted evergreen. They are exposed to heavy wind and less favorable soil and climatic conditions.

2. West coast semi-evergreen: A transitional zone between evergreen and moist deciduous, this type occurs mostly in hill slopes.

3. Southern moist mixed deciduous forests: This type of forest covers more than 60% of the tract along the lower slopes of hills.

By all this Peppara is turn to such a tourist spot which any tourist will never miss.

Distance from Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary
Sri Padmanabha Swamy Temple: 41 km
Kuthiramalika Palace Museum: 43km
The Govt: Art Museum: 38 km
Sree Chithra Art Gallery: 37 km
The zoological park: 37 km
Priyadarshini Planetarium: 39 km
Attukal Temple: 44 km
Veli Tourist Village: 48 km
Kovalam: 54 km

How to reach Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary

Nearest Airport: The nearest airport is Thiruvananthapuram is just 36 Km away from Peppara.

Nearest Railhead: The nearest railhead from the sanctuary is Thampanoor Railway station in Thiruvananthapuram city which is well connected with all major cities and is just 30 km away from Peppara.

By Road: Peppara wildlife sanctuary is easily and conveniently accessible from Vithurai on Thiruvananthapuram - Ponmudi road. The buses are available for the sanctuary from Thiruvananthapuram.

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