Oachira, Kerala


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Oachira, Kerala

Oachira is a popular and unique pilgrim centre. It is situated about 32 km away from Kollam on the Kollam-Alappuzha National highway. Oachira temple has a deep stamp of advaitha philosophy. It is believed that in Oachira temple the presiding deity is the "Parabrahmam", the absolute reality, the great source of all forms and phenomena which cannot be symbolized by an idol or housed in a temple. So there is no temple or idol for the presiding deity here. All classes of people worship the presiding deity the Parabrahmam.

Oachira attracts thousands of Pilgrims on the event of 'Oachirakkali'. It is a festival held every year in June. The other major attraction in the Oachira temple is the 'Panthranduvilakku' or the twelve-day festival of lights gets underway in November/December. Oachira is also known for the handicraft centers where fancy articles like screw pine mats are manufactured.

And another major attraction in Oachira is "Erupathattham Onam" which is celebrated for 28 days after Onam. (Onam is one of the major festival or we can call festival of festivals for people of Kerala. Onam, which is celebrated in September, is a festival which each and every Malayali will celebrate in where ever they live.) It is the festival for Cattles. In this festival huge "EDUPPU KALA" (Gigantic Bull shaped structures) is made. It is then pulled by road on big wheels to OACHIRA TEMPLE from the site where it is made. Normally there are around 50 such structures made. It is the famous festival in the place "Onattu Kara" which is an area of a few square miles.


Historically also, Oachira is very famous. It is on the plains of Oachira that the much famed battle in the history of Travancore, the battle of Kayamkulam was fought between Marthandavarma, the Maharaja of Travancore and the Raja of Kayamkulam. In memorial of this historic battle 'Oachirakkali' is conducted on the first and second of Malayalam month Midhunam (June-July) every year.

The Oachirakkali was one of the major festival that brought prominence to Oachira. On the first and second day of Midhunam, the young and the old, drawn from the two Karas (Provinces) lying east and west of Oachira are forming themselves into two groups, reach the 'Padanilam' (battle place) and conduct the age-old fencing exercises under the leadership of the elder Kalari Asan (Master). Kalari is believed to be one of the deadliest ancient Martial art. The Utsavam (festival) comes to an end with the Oachirakkali. A big cattle fair is also held as part of the above festival.

Other major attractions
Alumkadavu: 10 Km
Chavara: 18 km
Karunagappally: 10 km
Kottarakkara: 27 km
Kundara: 15 km

How to get there:

Nearest Airport: The nearest airport is Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) about 101 km

Nearest Railhead: Oachira is an important railhead in Kollam.

By road: An excellent road network links Oachira to all major towns & cities.

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