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Nainital is a beautiful hill station positioned in the Kumaaon region in Uttarnchal. Nainital is an ideal holiday target for summers. There are so many options to enjoy this lovely place, you can take sight bearing in mind tours, boat cruise at lake or can enjoy sailing & parasailing, visit the temples, or can go for horse riding, or can have encompassing of golf with acquaintances and you can also do trekking.

Places of Interest

Bhimtal: This beautiful lake is the major lake in the Nainital region. Bhimtal is located in a lovaly valley just 22 km from Nainital and 1371 meters above sea level. The attractiveness is enhanced by a small Island bordered by crystal blue water.

Khurpa Tal: At an elevation of (1635 MT) there lies just another beautiful spot at a distance of 12 km from Nainital. Popularly identified as Khurpatal, it is considered to be anglers glory having clear water and a good harvest of fishes.

Sat Tal: It means seven lakes collections together. This beautiful is still unspolit an located at an altitude of 1370 meters, just 12 km ahead of Nainital.

Naukuchia Tal: It is 1218 meters above sea level. The interesting lake has 9 corners. Surrounded by dense wooded hills on all sides it provides solace from the irritating rush of the plains.

Kanchi: It is a placed at an elevation of 1400 meters, located just 20 km from Nainital & liked by both tourists and supporters. It is a modern pilgrimage centre established by Neem karoli Baba a saint of premature sixties of twentieth century.

Ranikhet: It is extremely gorgeous place located just 63 km from Nainital. It has an altitude of 1829 meters. Its beauty lies in its simplicity - beautiful pine trees create a homesick feeling.

Almora: The town has its own beauty times gone by and culture situated at an altitude of (1646 MT). It is 67 km away towards East of Nainital. It is having shaped of a saddle on the back of a stallion facing North. It is modern as well as ancient in its look.

Jageshwar: About 36 km from Almora in UP, among the Kumaon Hills, lies the temple town of Jageshwar Dham, boasting of more than 200 big and small temples, at the height of about 1,900 mt above sea level.

Kilbur: This beautiful picnic spot is located just 12km ahead of Nainital at a height of 2528 meters. It is famous for its flora and fauna and bird watching. The place offers breath taking views of the great Himalayas along with a view of Tarai and Bhabhar.

Best time to visit

Best time to visit Nainital is during summer season between March to June and during festive holidays from September to November.

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