Kottakkal, Kerala


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Kottakkal, Kerala

Twelve kilometers away from Mallapuram district in Kerala, a small village called as Kottakkal is situated. In Sanskrit, Kottakkal means White Fort. The origin of kottakkal name is belived to be after Karuvayoor Moosad, a great warrior and the preacher. Kottakkal rulers resisted British expansion and also waged war defending from Tippu Sultan. Kottakkal has rich intellectual tradition with scholars like Manorama Thampuratty, Kunhikuttan Thamparan (translated Maha Baharatham).

The intellectual and cultural tradition was carried over by P.S. Varier, by founding Arya Vaidya Samajam. The intellectual integrity has led to tolerance and harmony not only between Hindus and Muslims but also land owners and leased farmers.

P.S. Varier saved and revived the ancient Ayurvedic medical standard by establishing the world's greatest and renowned ayurvedic institute Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala, known for Panchakarma method of treatment contributing to Health tourism. The fusion of Aurvedic medicine according to the needs of 20the century not only has made this small village a world wide name but also has carved a niche among other medical systems. Arya Vaidya shala is synonymous for charity, from two World Wars to the present it has extended its helping hand to the needy and poor. Arya Vaidya Shala is equipped with maternity, surgical, Panchakarma units, a research department, and poison treatment unit.

The Sirolepa, sirovasti, Pizhichil, Navarakkizhi, and Dhara - Oordhwanga Dhara and Sarvanga Dhara-classical treatment are carried over at Arya Vaidya Shala. One can be treated for arthritis, spondilitis, rheumatism, mental disorders, herbal body care, body slimming, skin care, hair care etc.

Single and double rooms, suits, and family blocks are available if one wishes to stay at Kottakkal.

The best season to visit Kottakkal is between June and August.

How to get there

Karipur International Airport is the nearest, 36 km, from Kozhikode to Kottakkal; from Tirur it is only 12 km to Kottakkal.

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