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Kolkata Travel Guide

Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal is also known as the city Joy and city of palaces. Kolkata was the capital of British India till 1912 and so has its colonial mark. It was called as Calcutta but it got its original name in 2001. The city is a perfect intermingle of modern and traditional cultures. Kolkata is situated in the banks of Hoogli River and the Howrah Bridge on the river makes it unique. Kolkata the largest city of India has largest population i.e. more that 4,500,000 community.

Kolkata has so many adventure and recreational activities; it is a city and has so many gardens, amusement parks, palaces, monuments, museums, art galleries, temples, churches, stadiums, sports clubs, restaurants, hotels, pubs, bars, discos and much more. All these things make the city of Joy a perfect festival destination.


The Victoria Memorial: Next to the Maidan, stands the neo-classical attempt at construction the Taj, an mammoth paean in marble to the Grand Empress - The Victoria Memorial. The failed endeavor although, a cross between classical western and Mughal style, yet reveals the global attraction for the commemorative of love even in those days. It was opened on 1921. There are enormous oil paintings in the Royal Gallery, illustrating episodes from Queen Victoria's long, lively life and reign, an impressive collection of the British colonial period.

Dalhousie Square: The erstwhile Dalhousie Square with a lake at the centre - is the managerial nerve centre of Kolkata. Writer's edifice on the north side of the square dates from 1880 represents Gothic-style planning and is now the administrative office of the ruling Marxist Government. You can visit the West Bengal tourist place of work on the eastern side of the square. The General Post Office, with its regal dome and Corinthian columns is another masterwork of colonial legacy. It is built on the same site as the inventive Fort William.

Academy of Fine Arts: The city's cultural magnetism begins with the Academy of Fine Arts. Established in 1933, the latest and possibly the greatest works of modern-day artists are exhibited here throughout the year. Other pulsating and cutting edge Group theatres and dance programs happen everyday in a hall inside. Solely dedicated to the greatest cultural son of Bengal, the Rabindra gallery exhibits documents, paintings and delicate belongings of Tagore.

The Asiatic Society: The society was brought into being by Sir William Jones in 1784 with Warren Hastings as its first patron. Located at 1, Park Street (in the junction of Park Street and J.L.Nehru Road) it contains a library inside that has roughly 20000 tomes including 8000 rare Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian and Hindi manuscripts. It also houses precious archaeological relics, geological and ethnological specimens.

Asutosh Museum of Indian Art: This museum has rare and precious collections including Bengal patachitra paintings, 'katha shilpo' art etc. Its setting within Centenary building of University of Calcutta builds the highest art very accessible to the youth.

Birla Academy of Art and Culture: Patronized by an eminent engineering family of India, it has an outstanding compilation of paintings and sculptures. Situated at Rabindra Sarobar at south Calcutta, you can also witness regular exhibitions here.

Birla Planetarium: One of the prevalent Planetarium in Asia, it gives a ringside view of the planetary play of celestial bodies. The inner diameter of the tomb measures 82 feet and you can stretch out to get the finest views. Choose from Hindi, English and Bengali shows.

Indian Museum: This is the chief and the finest museum in the country. Established in 1814, universally known as 'Jadughar', it is also one of the oldest in Asia. The museum conserves more than 54000 coinages which are more than 2400 years old.

Best time to visit: Best time to visit Kolkata will be in the months from October to March.

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