Kashid, Maharashtra, Arabian Sea, Kashid Beach, western coast, Revdanda Beach Fort, Phansad Bird Sanctuary, Datta Mandir, Murud-Janjira, Swami Bramhendra
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A beach town on the shores of the imposing Arabian Sea, Kashid is located in the State of Maharashtra. Distinguished for its appealing beaches, majestic mountains and murmuring casuarinas, Kashid offers a quite and a comforting time to the tourist. A delightful locale, which floats on a thickly wooded hill, is bestowed with one among the most appealing beaches of the western coast. Kashid is popped sandwiched between two hummocks with Casuarinas orchard all around the beach. A serene shore that make bigger to a vast make bigger presents a fascinated appearance.

The daunting Arabian Sea shows its full beauty here in Kashid. The never-ending sea with its vast widen of immaculate seashore evokes a rejuvenating feeling. The bizarrely high remaining waves of the Sea offer happiness for surfing. Kashid Beach is one of the many protected seashore resorts that blemish the western coast of India. One in the middle of the ideal location, on the shores of a captivating sea is a throng puller on weekends.

A fast promising, wacky purpose, Kashid's immaculate water, dreadfully clean beach makes it the most gorgeous spot in the nearby areas. A drive through this coastal belt is the wonderful way to catch the overwhelming pastoral beauty of rural India.

Though this charming shoreline is just a few kilometers away from the Mumbai city; it is quite astonishing that this beach is not yet explored finally. An extraordinary location flawlessly suits to individuals who prefer to be in isolation, Kashid's unblemished natural magnificence fills the tourist with a invigorating warmness.

Places of tourist interest

Revdanda Beach Fort: A fort in a cleaned out condition, Revdanda Beach Fort is a leftover of the Portuguese rule in India. Much of this Portuguese fort is in confounded condition and run over by betel nut plantation.

Kashid Beach: Positioned in an attractive ambience, Kashid is one among the attractive beaches in the western coast of Maharashtra. An elegant beach, whose sandy white shore and the calm blue water, provides a quite twilight in loneliness.

Phansad Bird Sanctuary: The Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary is an astounding exposure. Even though Phansad is a bird sanctuary, it also houses a large compilation of amphibians, insects and mammals.

Datta Mandir: A red-domed temple, which is positioned on a hilltop, Datta mandir offers the chocolate box view of Murud-Janjira and the complete coastal area that environs it. devoted to Shri Datta, this magnificent shrine is constructed by Swami Bramhendra.

Best time to visit

Ideal time of year to visit here is from October to June, beaches will be idle during the monsoons. Pre-summers and post monsoons are good for sun bath.

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