Karnala, Raigad, Maharashtra, Portuguese, Maratha, Karnala Fort, Rock Climbing, Karnala Bird Sanctuary, Bhavani Temple, Bhavani Khadageshwar Temple, Devale, Shiva Temple
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Karnala is a celebrated fort city in Raigad district of Maharashtra with striking natural beauty and serene environment. Karnala is a fine place for encouraged eco tourists. Karnala is the unsurpassed picnic spot for bird lovers. Even a regular tourist can watch many species of colorful birds flying over the composed fine-looking bright sky. It is dominated by the fort, bird asylum and picturesque environments. Karnala is manifested by dense forests and Elevated Mountain ranges all around.

Karnala is prosperous with lusting foliage and is the natural habitat of many bird species. Bird surveillance is the life of Karnala tour. Karnala bounded by green dense forests is really a settlement of wild animals. Deciduous forest with many multiplicities of trees as well as kulu, teak, koshimb, mango, asana and kalam is a just the thing place for trekking. It has admirable facilities for trekking. Even a natural walk along the uncharted trails of Karnala is a source of joy with the misty cool ambience. The biological environment in Karnala is very favorable for birds and wild life.

Karnala tempts all naturalists to its lap with so many desirabilities related to nature. Distant from this, the honored Karnala is redolent of history merged with the intentionally important fort under the Maratha rule. Karnala has a luxuriant history as it was ruled by many local and foreign trespassers plus Muslims, Portuguese and Maratha.

Panavel and Apta rivers make the tranquil city a fertile land. Visiting Nature explanation Centre and a trekking throughout the tracks of Karnala amidst the scenic scenery and narrow mountain paths are breath taking experiences.

Places and activities of tourist interest

Karnala Fort: Redeemed with the power fight of many rulers, Karnala Fort stands as a specimen of the 13th century structures. The fort was in moderation used by the Karnala rulers together with Angres, Mudhan and Peshwas until 1818, by which time British rulers had taken over the grand old fort under their control.

Rock Climbing: Rock mountaineering in Karnala is really an experience. The precipitous rock in the center of the Karnala fort offers the visitor a great dare.

Karnala Bird Sanctuary: Karnala Bird asylum positioned at the bottom of the Karnala fort is accurately a heaven for bird watchers. The bird asylum, established in 1968, is a natural habitat for more than 150 species of occupant birds and about 37 species of birds migrating from other areas of the planet.

Bhavani Temple: Bhavani temple, also acknowledged as Bhavani Khadageshwar Temple, is positioned at Devale nearby Karnala. The temple is located at the peak of the hilly regions.

Shiva Temple: The earliest and honored Shiva temple positioned in Ambarnath secure to Karnala is understood to be built by Manmuniraja of Shilahara empire in 1060 AD. This is one of the temples somewhere both cults of Vaishnavites and Shivaites offer prayers.

Shopping: Shopping in Karnala offers collection of items to the shopping freaks. At hand Karnala thrives not only on handicrafts, artifacts and numerous household items, but the most up-to-the-minute designer fabrics, electronic possessions and mouth watering eatables.

Best time to visit

Karnala bird refuge is open all through the year, but the best time for bird surveillance is from September to March.

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