Karaivetti Bird Sanctuary


Karaivetti Bird Sanctuary, Thanjavur, Ariyalur Taluk, Perambalur District, Barheaded Goose, Mettur dam, Tamilnadu, Tiruchirapalli
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Karaivetti Bird Sanctuary

The Karaivetti Bird Sanctuary is located about 35 km to the north of Thanjavur in Ariyalur Taluk of Perambalur District. Karaivetti Bird Sanctuary occupies an area of 454 hectares and gets annual rainfall of 2000 mm. Temperature varies from 14o C to 33o C.

The Karaivetti Bird Sanctuary is visited by various species of wandering water birds. The peak gathering takes place in the month of November when over 2.5 lakhs birds visit this sanctuary.

The Karaivetti Bird Sanctuary attracts 50 species of water birds visit this lake. Important water birds visiting the sanctuary include the high flying Barheaded Goose, long migrants like White necked Stork, Grey Pelican, and Ibis. Sixteen species of Ducks and 23 Species of Waders have been recorded in the sanctuary. Birds start arriving in November and stay on till May.

The other important characteristic of this sanctuary is the presence of water till the month of May as other water sources dry up by the month of March, this sanctuary offers habitat to the water birds till the May end.

Population of migratory birds is more in the month of January. Important land birds visiting sanctuary include the Rosy Pastor, Peregrine Falcon, Osprey, Marsh Harrier, Tawny Eagle etc., and nearly 100 species of land birds have been recorded in the sanctuary

A distinguished feature of the sanctuary is standard nesting of water birds. In March 2002 water bird census, 250 nests were counted and variety like the Grey Pelican, Spoonbill, Ibis, Open bill stork, Cormorant etc., were found to be breeding.

The Karaivetti Bird Sanctuary is essentially an irrigation tank that receives water from Mettur dam and North east monsoons. It remains dry from June till August.

The idyllic time to visit the Karaivetti Bird Sanctuary is from November to February, the sanctuary is open for visitors throughout the year. The sanctuary entry is free for all visitors. Accommodation is available in Tamilnadu Guest House and private hotels in Thanjavur.

How to get there:

One can reach Thanjavur by air - the easiest way of traveling to this tourist destination of the Indian state of Tamilnadu.

Tiruchirapalli airport is about 65 km from Thanjavur.

Thanjavur has a railway junction of its own, which helps the tourists to communicate between Thanjavur and many other prominent regions of Tamilnadu as well as the rest of the country.

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