Kakkabe Travel Guide


Kakkabe, Western Ghats, Karnataka, Tadiyandamol, Taliparamba, Nalnad Palace, Rock Climbing, Igguthappa Temple, Subramanya, Mullayanagiri, Chickamaglur district, Karada
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Kakkabe Travel Guide

Kakkabe is a place holding the esteemed honors of being the largest producer of sweetest honey in South-east Asia, Kakkabe is a charming little village in Karnataka's Western Ghats. Kakkabe is a beautiful hill station lying beneath the silhouette of Tadiyandamol peak, in the midst of densely occupied rain forest and coffee agricultural estate.

Kakkabe is noted for its accepted scenic beauty. On a clear day, one can even view the secluded Arabian Sea from Tadiyandamol, the tallest peak in the region. A jagged heap terrain interlinked with blooming coffee and cardamom plantations, scattered hamlets and paddy cultivation lands. The position shot to the fame for cool nice weather, ripple green blossoming hills and striking scenery around.

Geography: Taliparamba is positioned at 1203N 7521E / 12.05, 75.35. It has an average altitude of 56 meters (183 feet).

Places of tourist interest

Nalnad Palace: Nalnad palace, built by Dodda Viraraja in 1792, once was in the right place to the Hindu king Langaraja, promises the tourists a appreciated visit and enthralls everyone with its striking paintings and wonderful architecture.

Rock Climbing: In Kakkabe, Rock climbing will feel almost like rock climbing except that instead of snow there are rocks involved in this escapade sport. If you are good at climbing, then you can absolutely try out this sport in Tadiyandamol, but certain climbs can often prove grueling, hardhearted and tough, but the fancy and magic of the contiguous mountains in Kakkabe will keep spirits high up to sky.

Trekking: Kakkabe is a trekker's satisfaction to those communities seeking for serenity, as there a number of treks small and medium and of subjective grades that is apt for most visitors. Though most trails are leech infected during the monsoon.

Igguthappa Temple: The Padi Igguthappa temple, one of most chief temple of Kodavs - the tribal inhabitants in Kakkabe, is committed to Iguthappa, another name for Lord Subramanya. The aficionados believe in the miracles by Iguthappa, where any one can ask for everything from this tremendous power God.

Tadiyandamol: Tadiyandamol, nearly 1746 meters above sea level, is the uppermost peak in Kodagu district of Karnataka. Tadiyandamol has the dissimilarity of being the second highest peak in Karnataka, the first being the Mullayanagiri in Chickamaglur district.

Karada: Karada has one of the supreme ancestral homes in the Kakkabe region and is not so far from Kakkabe center. From this place, the far away horizon is dotted with a large number of peaks. Karada offers exciting escapade, mix of scenic beauty and maximum fun for those looking for the nature's beauty and long terrain hills.

Best time to visit

Best season to visit Kakkabe is from October to May.

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