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Jammu is beautiful city sanctified by nature & situated at the footsteps of the mountains of the Himalayas. A beautiful & captivating river called Tawi flows through the city. Jammu is also acknowledged as the City of Temples, coz it has so many small and big temples & shrine. It is one of the three regions comprising the Jammu and Kashmir. Jammu consists of six districts of the state, namely Jammu (the biggest city), Kathua, Poonch, Rajouri, Udhampur and Doda. More than 60% of inhabitants are Hindus. The Jammu city is ideal for nature lovers, exciting activity lovers and Pilgrimages. The main underscore is the Goddess Veshno Devi temple, located just 61 km from Jammu.

Places of tourist interest

Vaishno Devi: Jammu is home to the illustrious Vaishno Devi shrine. Nestling on top of the Trikuta Hills at a height of 1700 m is the revered cave shrine of Vaishno Devi, the mother goddess.

Akhnoor: This small celebrated town is located on the banks of Chenab River. It is just 32 km way from Jammu & has the wreck of the Indus Valley Civilization. It was the township of two very famous lovers called Soni & Mahiwal.

Baba Dhansar: It is an exquisite picnic spot with astounding landscaping which includes implausible mountains, waterfalls, the holy Banganaga river, the groves of trees.

Bahu Fort: This fortress is just 5 km from the starting of the city center and was built by Raja Bhaulochan in relation to 3000 years ago. It has temple of Goddess Kali and the other best part is the terrace garden called Bagh-e-Bahu.

Batote: It has a miniature spring called Amrit Chasham, situated just 125 km from Jammu on the Jammu - Srinagar highway.

Jajjar Kotli: It is the Jajjar Kotli Tourist composite, erected on the banks of the Jajjar rivulet. The crystal clear cool water delimited by extraordinary natural beauty makes this place a superlative picnic spot, located just 35 km from Jammu on the national highway leading towards Srinagar.

Krimchi: The way to Shudh Mahadev Mantalai, a short deviation takes one to Krimchi, site of three of the most ancient temples of Jammu. The structural design of the temples shows distinct Greek influences.

Khud: Enroute Srinagar from Jammu, Khud is a well-liked stop of the tourists. It is a hill resort in its own authority with a small but famous mountain spring called "Swami ki Bauli". Natural attractiveness in Khud exceeds any type of description. This place is also good for small treks and options for escapade sports are being considered in the nearby areas.

Mansar: Lake 60 km from Jammu is this attractive lake fringed by forest-covered hills deriving the name from Manasarovar, the Mansar lake is not only well thought-out as an shortened form of the name of that great lake but also shares its sacredness.

Mubarak Mandi Palace: The style of this fortress has a exceptional blend of Rajasthani, Mughal and Gothic styles. The Sheesh Mahal section in the palace is most famous. The Pink Hall now houses of Dogra Art Museum which has diminutive paintings of the various Hill Schools.

Patnitop: This striking place is 112 km from Jammu and in recent times the place has really come up, as a tourist intention in Jammu and Kashmir. Patnitop is located on the Jammu Srinagar highway and offers stunning picnic spots, peaceful walks and wonderful views of the mountains cape of the Chenab basin.

Peer Baba: This is the illustrious dargah of the Muslim saint, Peer Budhan Ali Shah and it is whispered that it is the shrine that looks after the people of this city from mishaps and evil feelings. On Thursdays apart from Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs also come in large figures to pay their respects.

Peer Khoh: Peer Khoh is a cave place of pilgrimage located on the Circular Road, devoted to Shiva and a naturally formed Shivaling is worshipped here. The the distant past of this lingam is not known.

Purnamandal: Proceeding towards Jammu, Pathankot is on the highway and we find few ancient temples. It's supposed that these temples are built on the banks of the underground river Devak. Also referred as "Chota Kashi", the main temple here is fanatical to "Umapati". The Shaivites of Kashmir Valley built these temples.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit is during the water sports season i.e. from April to August.

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