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India Tourism: India Tours and Travel

We are glad to welcome you to india tourism, the land that derives it's name from one of the world's oldest and richest civilizations-the Indus Valley civilization.

Indian Namaskar or Namaste is the most popular form of greeting in India. It's a general salutation used to welcome somebody and also bidding farewell. In india people welcome you to their houses with folded hands(NAMASTE)-no matter to which part of the world you belong to, While doing namaskar, both the palms are placed together and raised below the face to greet a person. Other forms of greetings by various communities and regions in india are Sat-Sri-Akal by the Sikhs, Adaab by the Muslims, Namaskara in Kannada, Vannakkam by the Tamilians, Juley by the Laddhakis and Tashi Delag by the Sikkimese, amongst others.

Tajmahal One of the seven wonders of the world-standing tall and proud as the ageless epitome of love.

Forts, Palaces and Hill stations: Not just the Taj Mahal, there are always the picturesque hill stations be it the lake hill resort of Nainital; Mussoorie-the queen of the hill, Shimla the summer capital of India. Indian tradition of hospitality are the palaces and forts of the nobility-for whom, hospitality and generosity came before gallantry and pageantry.

Luxury Hotels Hotels which have provided a fresh lease of life to the ancestral palaces and forts of the erstwhile maharajas. The heritage hotels have always been the center of traditional cuisine fom different parts of india like' Lal Mas and 'Songri Ka Saag' remind one of Rajasthan.

Fairs and Festivals in India are colorfull commemorations of religious or historical events or celebrations of the change of seasons. They reflect the vigour and life style of it's people. Vibrant colours, music and festivities make the country come alive throughout the year. There is celebration for eery religious occasion, change of season and for every harvest.

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