Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala


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Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala

Idukki derived from the Malayalam word 'idukku' meaning narrow gorge, was formed on January 26, 1972 carving out Devikulam, Peerumedu and Udumbanchola taluks from the erstwhile Kottayam district and Thodupuzha taluk from the erstwhile Ernakulam district.

The place is located in the southern part of Kerala. Idukki is a landlocked district spread over an area of 5019 sq.kms. Blessed generously by Mother Nature, Idukki offers diverse attractions like wild life sanctuaries. Idukki Wildlife sanctuary in Kerala is a prime attraction for tourists coming from far and wide. The Idukki sanctuary lies very close to the Idukki dam. The huge dam and the adjoining lake add a different charm to the sanctuary.

Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary:
The Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most popular wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala or even in India. Known for its rich and diverse flora and fauna, Idukki was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1976 to protect its unique wildlife population. The sanctuary spread over an area of 77sq km.

The world-famous Idukki Arch Dam and a beautiful lake in the middle of the Idukki add to its scenic charm. Visit Kerala and enjoy an exciting Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary tour with Kerala Backwaters to discover its unique and diverse flora and fauna.

The topography of Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary comprises of undulating hills with average altitude ranging between 450m to 758 m. The vegetation of the sanctuary comprises of lush green canopy of tropical semi-evergreen forests and deciduous forests.

The Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a wide variety of wildlife. Idukki wildlife sanctuary is especially known for its rich elephant populations. On your tours to Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary, you can enjoy a spectacular view of roaming herds of Elephants and Gaur (Indian Bison), which never fail to mesmerize the visitors.

Other mammals enriched the Wild life sanctuary are, Sambhar, Deer, Wild Dogs, Jungle Cats, Tiger, Wild Boar etc reptiles such as Cobra, Viper, Krait and a large number of non- poisonous snakes can be seen.

Idukki wildlife sanctuary is a bird watcher's paradise. There are number of birds found here like kingfisher, peacocks, bulbul, eagles, jungle fowl, etc.

You will find a plethora of plant in the Idukki Wildlife sanctuary. The sanctuary is essentially covered with dense tropical evergreen and deciduous trees. Many plants that have medicinal value are also found aplenty over here. Some of the commonly sighted trees in the region include white pine, kuntherekkapine, vayana, bhadraksham, pali, cheeni, rosewood and meadows of rolling grass.

As the sanctuary is locates near to the dam, the boating facilities also in there. People can come here to explore the unseen and unexplored wildlife. The terrain at the Idukki wildlife sanctuary is characterized by steep mountains, valleys and hills. The artificial lake, the Kizhakkilachimala Lake adds to the scenic beauty of this lovely wildlife sanctuary.

Nearby Attractions:

Nadukani: Nadukani is ideal for one day picnickers. The northern side is filled with blue hills vying to touch the sky. The excellent sight of the Muvattupuzha River, Moolamattam town, Malankara Lake and the Malankara reservoir etches in the memory for a long time. A two-storied pavilion provides ideal opportunity to enjoy the landscape.

Thumpachi Calveri: Thumpachi Calveri Samuchayam is an ideal outing place in Idukki Valley of Kerala. It is situated about 35 km from Thodupuzha. It is a picturesque town on the banks of the Thodupuzha River. The place is perfect for meditation, relaxation and watching sunset.

Painav: Painav is a scenic beauty-trekking point through evergreen forest Cheruthoni.

Kalliyanathandu: Kalliyanathandu is 10 km from Idukki Valley. From this place one can have an aerial view of the Idukki reservoir, panoramic view of peaks and forests make this a splendid tourist spot. It is also an ideal place for mountain climbers and trekkers.

Cheruthoni: The area surrounds Iddukki arch dam and Cheruthoni dam. The Idduki Arch Dam is the solitary Arch Dam in India. The area is really a picturesque spot.

Moolamattom: The underground power house of Idukki Hydro Electric Project is situated here, 40 km away from Idukki. Visitors allowed to enter the Power Station with permission from Kerala State Electricity Board.

Thommankuthu Waterfalls: Thommankuthu Waterfalls is 38 km from Idukki. The waterfalls here unbox an enchanting sight. The area is highly picturesque.

How to get there:

Nearest Airport: Nearest airport is at Kochi 132 km away.

Nearest Railhead: Nearest railway station is at Kottayam, 133 km.

By road: Idukki is well connected by most part of the state and India by motor-able road.

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