Honnemaradu Travel Guide


Honnemaradu, Shimoga district, Western Ghats, Sharavathi River, Windsurfing, caracoling, canoeing, kayaking, Gademane, Dabbe Falls, Tyavarekoppa, Sharavathi Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, Kaanur Kote
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Honnemaradu Travel Guide

If your plan for this month's vacation has not been finalized yet, you should definitely opt for a rendezvous in the hill stations of Karnataka. Among the many water bodies that are in and around the Western Ghats of India you can choose the Honnemaradu.

Honnemaradu in Karnataka is located in the Shimoga district which is about 25 km from Sagar while going towards Jog Falls. Honnemaradu is situated on the picturesque back waters of the Sharavathi River.

Honnemaradu is famous for being the home to a wide variety of water sports, which is not so frequent, to come across in Karnataka. The shimmering waters under the blue firmament will pull any water sports lover to venture into the lake and enjoy the breathtaking adventures sports. Windsurfing, caracoling, canoeing, kayaking and scuba diving are just some of the various water activities people participate in while visiting Honnemaradu.

Honnemaradu, the village, which had been engulfed in the mid-1960s by the Liganamakki dam, has been literally resurrected today. This haven for water sport enthusiasts, tucked away in the lush greenery of the Western Ghats, making the place all the more special.

Honnemaradu, is surrounded by numerous small islands, and is ideal for swimming, canoeing, wind water surfing, island camping, trekking and also bird / butterfly watching. The spectacular sunset and sunrise views are surely not to be missed while visiting Honnemaradu.

The common birds found here are the European bee-eater, fairy blue bird, ruby-cheeked bulbul, orange-headed ground thrush and so on. Spectacular butterflies such as red helens, blue mormons, blue bottles and stripped tigers offer a visual treat. So this place is not only famous with the water sport lovers but also with bird watchers and botanists.

Places to see:

About 10 km from Honnemaradu is Gademane, famous for its chittara art. Other interesting places around Honnemaradu are Jog Falls just 26 km from here, Dabbe Falls (30 km from Jog falls), Tyavarekoppa Tiger and the new Lion Safari (9 km out of Shimoga). Sagar a cultural centre, is present near Sharavathi Valley Wildlife Sanctuary and another topic of interest is the Kaanur Kote, a fort (75 km by road). A wide variety of holidaying spots present nearby makes Honnemaradu an ideal short holiday.

Best Season to Visit

Honnemaradu can be visited at any time of the year, except during the rains in July-August.

How to get there

Nearest Airport: Mangalore

Nearest Railhead: Shimoga

Road: Traveling to Honnemaradu can be an exciting experience. A few days away from the pent up city life is sure to unleash extra energy in you when you come vacationing in Honnemaradu in Karnataka. Nestled in the greenery of the Western Ghats in a widely spread area of 50 km by 80 km that houses the lake. There is no bus facility to reach the exact location. Visitors arriving by bus, must first travel to Sagar, take a bus to Jog Falls, then disembark at a place called Hiremane. From there it is a 6 to 8 km walk to Honnemarudu. Cabs to the lake can also be booked from Sagar.

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