Guruvayoor, Kerala


Guruvayoor, Thrissur, Sree Krishna temple, Kerala, Brihaspathi, Guruvayurappan, Punnathur kotta, Elephant Sanctuary, Shakthan Thampuran Palace, Church of Our Lady of Dolors, Archeological and Art Museum, Zoological Park, Kerala Sahitya Academy, Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy, Kerala Sangeetha Nadaka Academy, Vilangan Kunnu, Vadakkumnathan Temple, Peechi dam, Nedumbassery
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Guruvayoor, Kerala

Guruvayoor is a small town in Thrissur District. The main attraction of Guruvayoor is the Sree Krishna temple. The place got the name due to one of the most famous called "Guruvayoor Temple" resides here. The Guruvayoor temple is about 28 km away from Thrissur city. It is one of the most sacred and important pilgrim centres of Kerala.


The most prominent legend regarding the temple's statuette relates to Guru Brihaspathi and Vayu, the Wind God. At the start of the current yuga, Brihaspathi found a floating statuette of Lord Krishna. He and Vayu installed the statuette in this temple to help mankind in this yuga. This legend forms the basis for the names of both the statuette (Guruvayurappan) and the town.

About Guruvayoor
Guruvayur is one of the most famous temple, which is many centuries old and one of the most important in Kerala. The temple is famous as a site for pilgrimage and also a cultural centre as it is one of the centre-points along which Kerala literature and art-forms have been developed. The temple's deity is Lord Guruvayurappan.

The temple dates back to the 16th century is dedicated to Krishna known here as Guruvayurappan or the Lord of Guruvayoor, and the idol is said to have been worshipped by Lord Brahma himself at Dwaraka. It is at this temple that Melpathoor Narayanan Bhattathiri composed his well-known Sanskrit devotional poem 'Narayaneeyam'. The temple is renowned for its healing powers. Several offerings are made to the deity here from the simple 'Archana' offering of flowers to the expensive and elaborate 'Udayastamana' pooja or 'Thulabharam' where a devotee is weighed against offering of bananas, sugar, coconuts.

The temple is a main site for Hindu marriages. a record number of marriages take place each day at the temple some times crossing 100 in a single day. Devotees of guruvayurappan think it is a blessing to start married life in front of the lord.

Another attraction is the famous Elephant Sanctuary (Punnathur kotta) near the temple where elephants are trained for temple purposes. There are currently more than 60 elephants, all of whom were offered by devotees of Lord Guruvayurappan.

Harmony's in temple:

Ekadasi Pooja: This is the most important festival during the Mandalam period, lasting for a month. It was on the Guruvayur Ekadasi day that Lord Krishna revealed the Gita to Arjuna.

Udayastamana Pooja: This implies worship from sunrise to sunset. It consists of 15 special Poojas in addition to all the routine poojas and begins after the morning Siveli.

Chembai Sangeetha Uthsavam: This karnatic music festival is held for 11 days on behalf of the memory of Sri Chembai Vaidyanadha Bhagavathar, as part of the Ekadasi celebrations.

Nearest places to visit

The Shakthan Thampuran Palace: This palace is also known as Vadakkekara Palace was constructed by the great ruler of Cochin, Shakthan Thampuran and rebuilt in 1795 by Sri. Ramavarma Thampuran. The style of architecture bears considerable Dutch influences.

The Church of Our Lady of Dolors: The Church of Our Lady of Dolours is the biggest and tallest church in Asia, situated in the heart of the city of Thrissur. It is famous for the construction in its Gothic style architecture.

The Archeological & Art Museum: This museum at Thrissur is a depository of graceful stone sculptures, antique jewelry and intricately carved wooden handicrafts.

Zoological Park: This Zoo situated 2 km away from Thrissur town. Thrissur Zoo houses a number of wildlife animals and attracts locals and tourists alike.

Kerala Sahitya Academy: Kerala Sahitya Academy is built in collaboration with the Kendra Sahitya Academy in New Delhi aims at encouraging Malayalam language and promoting its literature especially to the younger generations.

Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy: Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy was established in 1962 as an attempt to promote the performing and fine arts of the state which had fallen into a decline.

Kerala Sangeetha Nadaka Academy: Kerala Sangeetha Nadaka Academy in Thrissur was established to promote dance, theater and music in Kerala. Thanks to its efforts Thrissur can now boast of a theatre with all modern amenities.

Vilangan Kunnu: Vilangan Kunnu in Thrissur is a recreational center and a picnic spot where various amusement devices for children have been constructed.

Vadakkumnathan Temple is one of the oldest temples in the State, the Vadakkumnathan temple is a classical example of the Kerala style of architecture and has many decorative murals and pieces of art. This is the venue of the world famous Pooram festival celebrated annually in April-May. The fireworks at the Pooram are a spectacular sight. Non-Hindus are not allowed entry into the temple.

Peechi dam (20 km east of Thrissur):
This picnic spot offers boating facilities. There are frequent private buses from Thrissur to Peechi dam.

Christian Divine Retreat Centres: They are located at Muringoor and Potta near Chalakudi, on the Kochi - Thrissur route.

How to get there:

Nearest Airport: The nearest international airport is in Nedumbassery which is 87 km away from Thrissur.

Nearest Railhead: The nearest railway station is Thrissur Railway station.

By road: Thrissur city ia a major city in Kerala as well as India which is very well connected with road.

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