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Cuddalore is located in the east cost of Tamilnadu, South of Pondicherry on the Bay of Bengal. In southern India, Cuddalore is a fast growing industrial city and an important tourist place in Tamilnadu with historical monuments.

The word Cuddalore literally means "Sea Town" in Tamil. Cuddalore is known for its picturesque beaches, particularly the Silver Beach., The boat house near the beach is known for its beauty. The mangrove forest in Pichavaram is considered one among the healthiest mangroves in the world. Number of islands interpersing a vast expanse of water covered with green trees and boating facilities gives special attraction to this spot.

Cuddalore has a total area of 3,600 sq km and has been divided into two large divisions the Old Town and the New Town called Thirupadirippuliyur. The Gedilam River flows through the town and separates the Old Town from Thirupadiripuliyur. Cuddalore was the first town in Southern India which came under direct European control. The Dutch were the first to conquer it, followed by Portugal, France and later by the British in 1785.

The Roman Empire approximately 2000 years ago traded here, the Old Town has been seaport since then. Archaeological evidence of these ancient trade relationships can be found in the Cuddalore Government Museumin Manjakkuppam. The British also built a Fort, St David in Cuddalore near Devanampattinam. Cuddalore Port is in Cuddalore District, bordering Salem and Tiruchirapalli, in Tamilnadu, situated at the confluence of the Gedilam and Paravanar rivers. Vessels anchor within one mile of the shore

Cuddalore also has some very well respected schools, the most popular among them being St. Josephs Higher Secondary School, in Manjakkuppam which is one of the oldest schools, with all facilities. The St. Mary's., and St. David schools are also other reputed schools. All these schools were founded by Europeans in the 17th century and they are the oldest surviving schools in India.

They are many Pilgrimage Spots in and around the district. The town is well-known for its temples. Cuddalore is one of the rarest towns with both Shaiva and Vaishnava temples. The most famous of these is the temple of Shiva, one of the three principal deities of Hinduism. The incarnation of Shiva at Cuddalore is called Padaleeshwarar. The temple itself is located in Thiruppadirippuliyur center of the town. The other one is "Perumal" Temple in Thiruvandhipuram (Vaishnava) 7 km from Thiruppadirippuliyur. Chidambaram, a city also known for dance and temples, the temple located in the middle of the municipal town sprawls in an area of 40 acres. Inside the walls are four Gopurams (Towers) embellished with numerous sculptures. They represent various religious scenes and parables. The East Gopuram, being the main entrance is the oldest and the West Gopuram is more attractive and outstanding. The tallest is 42.4 meters above sea level and 140 feet above the ground level. The light atop the gopurams here and the Gopurams are visible from the sea and they are the landmarks for the marines. The inner enclosure is the most sacred and has four of five Sabahs. The Nrithya Sabha, the Hall of Dance is the most beautiful and interesting part of the temple. The Sivakami temple, the sivagami tank and the Hall of thousand pillars are important features of temple.

There are some of the most famous people who have routs from this district including Krish Srikanth (Indian Captain and Cricket Commentator. Srikanth's family hails from Cuddalore), Many popular writers of Tamil literature, such as Jayakanthan and Pudhumaipithan, were born in Cuddalore, Haji Mastan Mirza popularly known as Haji Mastan or Gul Mastan; was an infamous Mumbai (Bombay) gangster and smuggler in the 1960s and 70s was born in Cuddalore.

Cuddalore is connected to other parts of Tamilnadu through a very good rail and road network. Frequent buses run to nearby towns like Pondicherry Chidambaram, Panruti and Villupuram. Buses to major cities of Tamilnadu like Chennai, Tiruchirapalli, Salem are also available from Cuddalore.

National Highway NH-45A and many state highways (SH) passes through Cuddalore. It has two railway stations, Thirupadirippuliyur and Cuddalore Port Junction which are connected to major parts of India.

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