Coonoor Hill Station


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Coonoor Hill Station

The Nilgiri Hills in south India are famous for the many beautiful hill stations and among them is Coonoor. Coonoor is located at the top of the Hulikal ravine at a breathtaking altitude of 1,800 m above sea level. This romantic hilly town is just 19 km from Ooty and a perfect for a visit by those who are visiting Ooty. Coonoor is famous for its luxuriant locales and for a variety of wildflowers and birds making it a must- see for nature lovers too. These hilly regions also provides a perfect setting for adventurous activities like trekking and hiking and are made available easily to those interested. Tea plantations and festivals are very famous here.

A lot of filmmakers have shot many scenes in Coonoor and is still famous worldwide for its picturesque locales. The most famous shots including the backdrop for David Lean's movie A Passage to India (1984) based on E. M. Foster's novel, has been shot in this very place. Coimbatore - Mettupalayam - Coonoor - Ooty circuit includes Coonoor.

A panoramic view of the lush green Nilgiri hills, with its ravines, waterfalls and valleys can be seen and felt by the tourists. A popular pastime in Coonoor is bird watching, as the area hosts a large variety of species of birds like cormorants, pipits, thrushes, parakeets, skylarks, Nilgiri verditer, etc.

A walk through the tea gardens is very tempting to any person who is passing by this lovely place. Tourists can enjoy the invigorating ride on the toy train that connects Coonoor with Mettupalayam and Ooty, which is quite an experience. The train ride provides some magnificent and breathtaking views of the Nilgiri hills and surrounding areas.

Places to See:

Dolphins Nose
The Dolphin's Nose Viewpoint is a must see for all tourists and is just 10 km from the city. A panoramic view of the huge Nilgiri hills and the famous Catherine Falls can be viewed from this place which is situated at a very high altitude.

Sim's Park
This Park is situated at an elevation of around 1768 meters in a deep ravine on the Northern side of Coonoor Railway Station. The park is built in a different fashion and can be divided into eight major sections. The winding footpaths all over the higher slopes of the park is the most distinctive and picturesque feature of this park which is worth a walk for every tourist. A number of individual tree specimens are scattered all over the place, which lend a special charm to the park. The park becomes all the more special when the flowers bloom in different seasons throughout the year.

Pasteur Institute
This institute was established in 1907 and it is located opposite to the Sim's Park, which was mentioned above. Pasteur Institute is a very famous Institute where researchers and students conduct experiments on Rabies and give effective treatment to persons bitten by rabid animals. One of the most important contributions of this Institute is the preparation of the Polio Vaccine which has proved to be a boon to the world.

Pomological Station
This is one of the three experimental fruit gardens in the Nilgris and provides a splendid view. The other two gardens are the Burliar and Kallar on the Coonoor - Mettupalayam ghat highway. A lot of fruits such as Apples, Plums, Peaches, Persinments, Lemons, Apricots and Pomogranates, different hybrids are grown here for the purpose of research. Surplus fruits and fruit based jams are sold to the public, which are quite in demand.

Laws Falls
This place serves as a lovely picnic spot, situated at Coonoor - Mettupalayam Road at the distance of just 7 km from Coonoor and hence is very popular. The altitude of the falls is about 180 feet. Vast stretches of undisturbed sholas make it a paradise for all nature lovers.

Best Season to Visit
Summer is the best season to visit this hilly region which stays cool all round the year. Summer in this area is in the months of March - July.

How to get there

The south Indian city of Coonoor is easily accessible through air, road and rail from the other major Indian cities and states.

Nearest Airport: The nearest airport is located at Coimbatore. The airport at Coimbatore serves several national destinations as well as having a few international routes to Singapore and Sharjah.

Nearest Railhead: The Nilgiri Mountain Railway is one of the oldest mountain railways in India. The Nilgiri Mountain Railway was declared by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in July 2005. This railway links Coonoor to the town of Mettupalayam at the foot of the hills.

Road: Coonoor is connected by road to Mettupalayam. The road which continues on to Ooty is one of the Nilgiri Ghat Roads and is one of the main access routes for the entire district. Another major road connects Coonoor to Kotagiri via Bandishola and Bettati Tollgate and then this road connects to State Highway 15.

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