Bhandardara Travel Guide


Bhandardara, Shirdi, Arthur lake, Pravara river, Shri Agasti Rishi, Wilson Dam, Mount Kalsubai, Ahmednagar, sahyadri range, Ratnagad, chhatrapati shivaji, Amriteshwar, Pune, Igatpuri
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Bhandardara Travel Guide

If small and silent picnic spot is what you are looking for, we make an under promise and over delivery sort of presentation of a destination what you want. Bhandardara is a place sheltered amongst the hills; Bhandardara is incomparably the most beautiful holiday axes. A perfect one stop destination on the way to or from Shirdi, Bhandardara is a splendid little picnic spot. Canopied by the thick green forest, lies the most charming lake of the country - The Arthur Lake. It was formed by the checked waters of the Pravara river. Legend of this hidden jewel says that, Shri Agasti Rishi meditated spontaneously for a year, only on water and air. Pleased with his tremendous devotion the, Lord came down to our planet. He blessed Shri Agasti Rishi and left behind a stream of Ganges - now addressed as Pravara River.

Bhandardara is famous for the Wilson Dam, which was built in 1910 on the River Pravara and is 492 ft above sea level. The Umbrella Falls are also round the corner. In spite of being a scenic spot and offering some breathtaking views, this water body is also used for hydel power generation. The backwaters of the Wilson Dam reflect the naturally creative image of Mount Kalsubai, the highest peak as tall as 5,400 ft of the Sahyadri ranges in Maharashtra. During the Maratha rule, this peak point assisted as a watch tower. There is a temple at the top, with an old well in its backyard. As per the legend, it is believed that the water level of this well never drops below 3 ft.

Bhandardara is also one of the few relief assets from the terrible lifestyle and the busy city life. It's also positioned in the Ahmednagar district; this place is one of the most wonderful places in India. Nature is illusioned at its best in Bhandardara. The charming natural beauty is not the only thing that Bhandardara has to offer to the tourists.

Bhandardara has a number of different tourist attractions, which segregates it from any other place India. There are many places that make Bhandardara a much visited place.

Some of the places affine to be visited

Mount Kalsubai: From Bhandardara one can see the highest peak of the sahyadri range, mount kalsubai. In the bygone era this mountain peak served as the watching tower.

Ratnagad: this fort was captured by chhatrapati shivaji maharaj was one of his most favorite forts and he loved to spend his leisure time here in the realms of the nature.

Amriteshwar: this temple is very ancient and old. The temple was made in around the 1100 AD.

Best time to visit Bhandardhara

The rainy season increases the beauty of the Bhandardara town and the rainy season is quite favorable to come to Bhandardara.

Accommodation: The MTDC holiday resort at Bhandardara is in a prime location. The rooms have spectacular views of the Wilson Dam at one end, and of 22 Km of backwater at the other.

How to get there:

Nearest Airport: The nearest airport is Mumbai

Nearest Railhead: The Nearest railhead is Igatpuri, 45 Km.

Road: Mumbai - Bhandardara is about 185 Km and Pune - Bhandardara is about 190 Km.

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