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Anaimalai is naturally placed in Tamilnadu in the southern part of India. Anaimalai is even known as the Mountain of Elephant and is a mountain range of the Western Ghats. Anaimalai hills are a trekking destination in the Western Ghats.

Anaimalai is a confluence point between the Eastern Ghats and the Western Ghats and it is in this place that the two mountain ranges join. This place has an elevation of north east and south west. The highest peak point of this series of mountains is the anna mudi peak. At a height of 2695 meters, this peak is the highest place in terms of altitude in south India. The Anaimalai mountain range was formed due to fault drift movement of the ancient times. The Anaimalai mountain ranges counter elivate to form a trend of terraces which is about 1000 meters above the sea level.

This southern paradise is mostly shaded by beautiful trees. The lush green deciduous forests have trees like the sandalwood, rosewood, sago palm and teak. They are those jewels which make the town so priceless. Invaded by verdant green trees and with the natural shower of all blessing, Anaimalai is indeed an attractive part of this planet to spend the holidays in. The nature is at its full glory here and even the fragerance of this place is different. It makes one feel rejuvenated and revitalized. The climate is so good that it refreshes the mind, body and soul of a person. A pollution free healthy air supply makes Anaimalai a really refreshing place away from the tiring city life.

The soil of this prosperous land is very rich. The soil is of heated brick red and brown color and it also contains oxides of iron and aluminum. The metals which can be helped out from the soil of Anaimalai are used as building materials. The construction of road is done by ingrediating the mortar.

Anaimalai has a small population and is a less populated area. People who romp in this lightly populated hill station are the Kadar, marvar and the pooliyar. The main economy of the small hill town is employed on hunting and gathering and shifting cultivation. In some places where the forest has been cleared, there are plantations of tea, coffee and even rubber.

The industry in Anaimalai is home based. It comprises of coir, coir mat, metal articles and even biri, the locally made cigarettes. Some of the important towns of this part are sryilliputtur, uttampalaiyam and manur.

The University of Anaimalai is also very famous. It's quite old and is a respected institution.

Best time to visit this place

Anaimalai shows idealism for its tourists all round the year and helps their tour be best travel. But the best time to visit this place is during November to mid May.

How to get there

Nearest Airport: The nearest airport is in Coimbatore.

Nearest Railhead: The nearest railway station is in Pollachi.

Road: Anaimalai is well connected by roads. There are regular buses from Coimbatore and Palani to Pollachi. Taxis and jeeps are also available at Pollachi.

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